Power Words To Keep You Motivated

motivation-companionTop 10 Powerful Words to Keep You Motivated

Self Motivation can come as easily as breathing if you do the right things, move the right ways, and think the right thoughts.

Get motivated, and stay highly motivated with these ten empowering motivational strategies.

No matter where you are on your life journey, experiencing setbacks can cause disappointment and a disappointing loss of momentum.

Are you just living day to day, a “settle for” existence? Or are you living in a exciting, passionate, vibrant state most of the time?
Whatever goal you are working on, whether it’s a new career you’re working towards or an overall appreciation of life, every step towards fulfilment can at times seem financially, emotionally, or psychologically draining. We all have ups and downs. The trick is to have more ups than downs. GRINS.

To boost your excitement, passion and confidence, here’s a list of the top 10 power words and tips to keep you motivated and achieving your goals, no matter what life throws your way:

1. Purpose.
Whenever you’re feeling discouraged or disappointed, always remember your original purpose. Reminding yourself of the original reason for venturing down your path in the first place will help refresh your mind when things go awry. Having a powerful mission, a strong sense of purpose for what you are doing will help keep you on your course.

2. Planning.
Though you may think that you’ve done enough planning towards the fulfillment of your goal, thinking it through all over again will help recognize and eliminate the aspects of your plan of action that may be causing you these disappointing setbacks. Put all of your thoughts down on paper, from the smallest details to the larger movements, from the beginning to the end.

· Being able to view the set timeline of your mission all together, will help you focus on breaking your plan down into smaller doable tasks, that enable you to take one solid step at a time to reach even your biggest goals.

3. Acceptance. Accepting that you’re a human being who’s bound to have ups and downs is absolutely crucial to your success. No one is perfect. Without this self-acceptance, it will be difficult to think positively, clearly, and innovatively and overcome obstacles to your journey.

· Acceptance of what has not worked in the past will help you gain a better knowledge of what may work in the future.

4. Reward. When your motivation starts to wane, it’s sometimes helpful to give yourself small rewards along the way. This is one of the best ways to keep you motivated and on your path to success.

By giving yourself a taste of what you’re working for – whether it’s financial freedom, career responsibility, or your dream lifestyle – you won’t feel like you’re working so hard for nothing. This refreshes your mind and helps you work more productively over the long term.

5. Health. You know what this entails: moderate exercise, a healthy diet, and 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Feeling worn-down will make it almost impossible to pursue your goals and vision with the same clarity and vigor you had when you first set out.

· Take care of your basic needs first, and you’ll be strong enough to pursue your dreams.

6. Motivation. Research motivational books, CDs, and seminars. Sometimes hearing motivational tips from a different perspective can greatly motivate you to act and succeed. Immerse yourself in your goals and you will be virtually pulled to success.

· Find a source or two that touches you in some way and keep them close for those moments when you feel discouraged. After all, we all get discouraged at one time or another.

7. Organization. Ever feel depressed and worn out, and then you clean your surroundings, and instantly feel more focused and motivated? The same applies to your goal. Organize and clean house when it comes to the operation of your goal.

· Organizing yourself gives you a fresh start and a feeling of clarity. In doing so, you’ll be able to attack your short and long-term goals more vigorously and effectively.

8. Refresh. Refresh your plan with something new. It could be a different tactic, setting, or career. Whatever it is, break out of the pattern you’re in and try something new. Even if this new tactic doesn’t yield positive results immediately, at the very least it will make you aware of the availability of your options. New tactics are motivating.

9. Networking. Reach out to people in your industry or those who share your life goal. You can do this a number of ways: check out local clubs, find a plethora people online, or talk to existing contacts that may have already succeeded in your goal.

· Having someone positive and aligned with you that you can voice your struggles, questions, and experience to, will invigorate you and keep you moving forward.

10. Action. Taking action, despite doubts and setbacks, will further your progress. By moving on, despite any pessimistic thoughts, you will motivate yourself by the sheer momentum of doing something proactive to change your circumstances. Remember that motion creates emotion and the fastest way to feel motivated, is to take some action, in fact any action, towards your goal.

Whenever you feel like your progress has stalled, or you simply want some quick inspiration, look to these 10 powerful words and strategies to spur you on and keep you motivated. You’re sure to find something to get you back on track toward success!

See you next time.

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