Get Inspired – Stimulate Your Brain, Capture Your Thoughts

Get Inspired For Success By Stimulating Your Brain

To be creative and inspired, you need to keep your brain stimulated. In fact, doing things to stimulate your brain, also helps with your memory. There are many different things you can do to keep your brain active and alert.

Doing things as simple and fun as crossword puzzles, word searches and games like Sudoku are great for keeping your brain stimulated. They make you think, and that exercises your brain.

Read something you are passionate about for 20 minutes a day. Or, read something you know absolutely nothing about, but would like to learn. When you get an idea for something, just jotting it down and working through the steps can get your brain stimulated and inspired.

An artist may look at the work of others or walk through an art gallery for inspiration. A writer may find inspiration by spending time in the library, wandering among the books and looking at titles. An architect or designer can be inspired by looking at buildings and homes.

I personally keep an inspiration journal. In it, I collect my thoughts, my daily challenges, pictures of things I like, and ideas that come to me during each day that seem interesting and fun to try.

Whatever it is that you need inspiration for, it is out there. You will find that by keeping your mind busy and stimulated, that will help you to feel more motivated and inspired to achieve.

And . . . make sure that you document the ideas as they come because some of them are quite fleeting.

The worst feeling in the world can be when you have a great idea and nothing to record it with. Then . . . after a while, you can’t for the life of you get back to that thought.

I carry a little voice recorder with me most of the time because I don’t like to lose my train of thought with the many distractions one can come across.

So, keep your mind working, stimulated, and record your ideas and you will never lack for great ideas to work on. Come on, believe in yourself. Go for it!

P.S. – I have felt this from past personal experience myself. Here’s another article I wrote some time ago on this subject. Ever Lost A Thought? Capture Your Mind’s Work

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