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Key To Losing Weight

weightloss_fruit_salad-300x200Finding Your Motivation Is Your Key To  Lose Weight.

To lose weight and get started on an exercise and healthy eating plan will often take a lot of motivation initially.

You have to overcome the inertia. You have to overcome some strong habits that you have building momentum up for some years. That will take effort and focus.

Some people motivate themselves quite easily, they just get fed up and tackle it. Others like myself, . . . not so much. LOL! Let’s discuss some of the things you can use as motivators to get you started and keep you going.

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Planned Cheat Meals Are Allowed

best-burgersLose More Weight By Planning Cheat Meals Into Your Eating Plan.

Planned cheat meals are definitely allowed… Even recommended by experts for accelerating long term weightloss.

As long as you are consistently sticking to your eating plan at least 90 percent of the time, you will lose weight, and you will continue to make good progress.

Cheat Meals work well to keep you from plateauing on long periods of sustained term weight loss.

The extra calories will fool your body and help prevent it from going into “starvation” mode and lowering your metabolism…

Use planned cheat meals to your advantage and increase your body’s fat burning ability.

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Update – Still Alive, Still On The Program

sausage-and-eggs-plateYes. I am still alive.

Yes. I am still very much on my weight loss program.

I have been in and out of town this past week and have not spent much time online. My apologies for my abrupt disappearance last week.

Sometimes when working, I have spurts of calls coming in, so I have to get them all in asap until I get caught up… And, nothing else gets done while I am focusing on customer service.

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How To Stay Motivated And Working On Your Goal

Focus On Your Goal

Keep Your Goals Motivating And Alive

There are many tips to help you achieve your smaller goals, all the way up to your huge hairy massive life goals that may take you years to reach.

You must never lose sight of your goals as this could cause you to become discouraged at life’s roadblocks and then you may never reach them. Remember the old saying? Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

Here’s six tips that will help you to keep those goals exciting and in sight.

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Eating Healthy And According To A Preset Eating Plan


icedteaSince I have started eating healthier, I am more often than not following along according to a plan.

I have begun walk/jogging again starting at 1-1 1/2 miles daily and this will increase gradually as my weight drops off.

I have big goals this year and in order to make them happen, I need all the energy I can create by losing weight and exercising regularly.

Realization: Making my everyday diet healthier allows me to improve the way I think as well as the way I look. Remember that exercising regularly is a big part of healthy living.

It’s never too late to change our eating habits, we need to have the personal motivation to do it. So I have been reading a lot on healthy food choices so I can drive my energy supply up through the roof! Here are some things I am keeping in mind for healthy eating.

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