Keep Your Fingers On The Pulse Of Your Life…

2017 is history. It’s old news. Did you start 2018 off with a bang?

If you have set goals or resolutions for the coming year, will you really commit to achieving them or will they go by the wayside like many others?

Have some long term goals diminished in importance in 2017 according to how you really want to live your life?

It is another new year, that favorite time again to analyze what’s happened in your life, what you’ve done, what you haven’t, and see where you need to adjust your strategies to move forward.

What are you happy with and what are you unhappy with? What will you change?

Keep Your Fingers On The Pulse Of Your Life…

Some of my long term goals are right on track and many are not. After taking a hard look at what I want, I will no longer pursue the ones which no longer make sense to me.

At the same time, I will recommit and intensify my efforts to those that are.

And I have added some to my list.

It is the same every year. Once you start on the path, and you are actually in the fight, there are some things that stand out as incongruent with your higher purpose.

These are not failures.

There is no reason to beat yourself up over it. Just adjust your plan, and move forward to more of the right things, the things that make you happy.

This is simple goal setting strategy at work.

Plan, organize, execute, followup and adjust as necessary to happily achieve what’s important and fulfilling to you. Always move inexorably towards your major focus.

Follow your life’s purpose at all times, and you will joyfully travel your challenge strewn path through life.

Embrace the challenges. They will make up some of your best memories and give you some of the best stories to tell after you successfully negotiate them. This I know to be absolutely true.

I hope that you are getting the results that you want. You never know how close you are to the prize until you look up and see that it is right in front of you.

FailureQuoteRecommit to those goals that are still important to you, and redouble your efforts. Set new exciting experiences you want for your life.

Stay positive. Believe.

Discard those goals that don’t make sense anymore, and focus on what you want to do, and where you want to be.

Don’t get all emotional over past results. Don’t let them hinder your future progress.

Clear your mind and concentrate your energies on what you really want for 2018. As always, Go For It!

I believe in me. Do you believe in you?