Common Goal Setting Mistakes

goal-setting mistakes


Goal setting can go wrong for lots of reasons.

When it does, it can be devastating to our self-esteem, and some will even swear offsetting any new goals. 

They are mistakenly conditioned to think that goals don’t work for them. Wrong… Don’t let this be you.

Goals work when you work them in the right way. Make the effort.

So, avoid making the goal-setting mistakes outlined below.

1. Outcome goals are set instead of performance goals.
This forces you to focus on the end result immediately instead of taking your time to go through the steps of goals setting. When you set goals properly you are doing it in a step by step manner.

Where you are using outcome goals, and you fail to achieve the goal for reasons outside your control, this can be very disappointing and sometimes leads to loss of enthusiasm and feelings of failure. Always set performance goals instead as this will give you a higher chance of succeeding.

2. Goals are set unrealistically high.
When a goal is perceived to be unreachable, no effort will be made to achieve it. Set realistic goals so that you can best decide how to go about achieving them. Only you can decide what “realistic” is.

3. Goals are set so low that you feel no challenge or benefit in achieving the goal.
You begin to feel that setting goals has been a waste of time. Always set goals that are challenging enough to be worth the effort, but not out of reach. Again, this is a personal decision.

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4. Goals are so vague that they are useless.
It is difficult to know when vague goals have been achieved. How can you know if you aren’t clear about what is to be reached? Your achievement must be able to be measured. In setting vague or unmeasurable goals you will not benefit from goal setting. Set precise and quantitative goals.

5. Goal Setting is unsystematic, sporadic and disorganized.
In this case certain goals will be forgotten, and the achievement of goals will not be measured and feedback is non existent. The major benefits of goal setting have been lost. Be organized and be regular in your goal setting.

6. Too many low priority and misaligned goals are set.
This can lead to a feeling of overload and overwhelm. Make the goals you pursue worth pursuing! Pick one BIG life changing goal or mission, and then align your intermediate and short term goals within it. One laser focus to success!

Avoid these problems and set goals that move you. Spend the proper amount of time in your goal setting and planning, Commit and persist in your actions, and you will achieve what you want. 

Gain strong forward momentum and be unstoppable. Determine that you will have what you want no matter what. Goal setting works… but you have to work it.

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