The Self Help Library helps you set serious goals and achieve them faster.

The Self Help Libary – “Helping People Help Themselves”

The Self Help Library brings you hundreds of informational articles on popular self help topics such as Goals, Motivation, and Success habits.

There is a ton of personal development related articles so that you can come back whenever you have a challenge and hopefully you will find something fresh and helpful every time.

Information! Helping people help themselves. That is what we are all about . . . so before you do anything else, bookmark this site. 🙂

Setting personal goals, or starting an online business, or just wanting more information on how to get what where you want to be…

The Self Help Library will also bring you links to other relevant stuff on other sites. We are always trying to improve our product for you.

It is and has been our intention to provide you with tools to get your goals, to help you motivate yourself to blast past procrastination and inactivity, to take real action with concentrated focus, and go out and get whatever it is that you want in life!

If you are not getting that from this site, then let us know what you want to see here. Everyone starts from a different level and has different needs. If something doesn’t suit you, then please let us know what does.

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the self help library helps you set the right goals to create the right motivation to achieve what you really want

I am definitely an advocate of the “shopping cart” approach to information. Take what serves you and leave the rest! Let me know what you are thinking.

I will probably post once or twice a week, but only when there is something I feel worthy to share. My time is as important to me, as it is for you I’m sure.

It is a long time coming as this was big commitment that I hesitated to make because of the time involved.

Starting a website is something that I couldn’t begin without quite a bit of reflection on where I am going in my life and how much time I want to put into work.

Regular posting of good useful, actionable infomation and all that… I after all, do have a life beyond this calling. 🙂

Anyway, as I always say, when in doubt go full steam ahead. Life is filled with surprises. You never know how things will turn out, that is unless you do nothing at all.

Maybe I will be just spinning my wheels. Who knows? 

It is my hope that I can share some good stuff here, that you will not only enjoy, but move you to think about, and take action on in your own life. Anyway, here goes for better or worse…

Al Smith

the self help library helps you set goals and goal-setting is your life's action plan