Life Goals Need Not Be Difficult To Set Up

Setting Life Goals the Simple Way

Everybody has little goals that are set and achieved on an everyday basis. At the start of the day, you might be thinking about making your date later that night a success.

Preparing to make that date a success is actually one example of a simple goal that you try to achieve within a few hours after you have wake up in the morning.

In life, there are many such little goals in life. But there are goals that take longer to achieve. These goals are for the long term. That is why achieving them takes patience and perseverance.

These long term goals are often referred to as life goals.

Life goals

Life goals are goals or target outcomes that you want to achieve during your lifetime. Life goals are commonly referred to as goals that direct a person to choose what life path to take, or help one define what he really wants to achieve during his life time. It gives one purpose, a reason for living.

That sets life goals apart from the common and simple short-term goals you set everyday in your life. Simple and short-term goals can be achieved in a matter of hours or even minutes.

Life goals take a lifetime to achieve. That is the very nature of them. They are challenging and problem filled because achieving them is such an huge task and requires the utmost patience, determination and hard work over the long term. A lifetime.

Simple Tips In Setting Life Goals

No matter how hard you may think the task of setting life goals is, setting and achieving them can be simpler than you imagine if you just follow a few simple guidelines and tips.

Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed at the size of the final result you may choose.

Everything in life gets done in steps, some small, some larger. But it is just like setting out on a long journey, you take one step at a time, until you arrive at your destination.

Robert Schuller used the Peak to Peek Principle. Go as far as you can see and then when you get there, you can always see farther to go. His method recommends attaining a series of small goals that, step by step, lead to a major objective or purpose in your life. Each small step we complete allows us to “see” further down our life journey’s path, and add belief that we can get there.

• Start with your personal goals. Set a personal lifetime goal. You may be amazed to find out that previously and unconsciously, you were setting lower level plans or goals to make your major life goals more achievable. They were not challenging enough. Yes, be realistic, but set them at the outer boundaries of your abilities.

Consider what you really like to achieve in your life. Be specific. Dream of something bigger for yourself. Question yourself about what you like and what really would make you happy. Follow your instincts when initially setting your goals.

• Set your priorities. Knowing your priorities and setting out your plans and strategies for attaining them would take you further faster in your life goal achieving process.

• Set performance goals instead of outcome goals. Performance goals are actions or tasks that can be achieved just by taking those specific actions. Outcome goals can be subjective, and sometimes depend on sheer luck, which sometimes you can do nothing about.

• Be determined and persistent. Sometimes, there will be goals that you fail to achieve. Do not let these simple failures halt you when attempting to achieve your life goals. Persistent and determined people win out in the end.

Know what you really want, why you want it, and how you could possibly attain it. Practice laser sharp focus, and you will achieve those life goals you set, one smaller goal at a time. Simple.

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