How To Re-Energize. Get Motivated

rp_problem-solving-300x208.jpgEnthusiasm Waning?

Starting to think about how tired you are?

Trouble getting motivated?

No problem…  Almost everyone feels this way at times.

You are focusing on the wrong thing. Just change what you are thinking about…

To re-energize, ask yourself some empowering questions to put yourself into a more empowering mood… Maybe something like:

“If I wanted to feel motivated right now, how would I do it? When was the last time I felt excited? What was it that excited me. How can I duplicate that excitement so that I could be empowered right now to move towards what I need to do? Why am I doing this? What’s in it for me?”

Get solutions oriented.

Control what you are thinking about.

Choose empowering thoughts.

Acting motivated and enthusiastic will help you get motivated and enthusiastic. Posture counts. What ever you want to feel, start acting like that today. Watch how it works in your life.

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Well? . . . You can start any time! LOL!