77 Ways To Get Motivated And Stay Motivated

motivation-companionGet motivated! Start Setting, And Getting Your Goals Faster Than You Thought Possible. Create high motivation levels.

Here’s 77 ways to get motivated and stay motivated until you reach those big goals you have set.  Free 45 page Ebook ==>

There is really no excuse for not motivating yourself to succeed in the achievement of your most important goals after reading this article . (unless you are not really trying)

Here’s the first two to start you off.

1. Set a Goal

When it comes to get motivated, nothing is more important than setting goals that set you on fire, make you hungry to act on them.

Setting goals fixes your attention on a single idea – something that you really want to achieve, but would not otherwise achieve in the near future with your present plan of action. Change is needed.

Goals allow you to visualize how your life will be different when you accomplish them. Perhaps your workload will be lighter; or your appearance will improve; or your business will perform better in the long run.

So start by setting some goals today.

Decide what it is that you truly want to accomplish; and then write that thing down on paper and review it frequently.

2. Ignore The Obstacles

It’s true that the world is filled with many obstacles. And these obstacles often make it hard to accomplish our goals.

But what’s also true is that we suffer from cognitive biases that prevent us from taking action simply because obstacles exist.

That is—we place an inordinate amount of weight on the significance of obstacles, even if they aren’t very challenging.

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So, from now on, ignore those obstacles. Don’t allow yourself to fixate on them; and don’t allow yourself to procrastinate when you think about how difficult the challenges will be.

Instead, you should stay fixed on your goals; and pretend that the obstacles don’t exist. When it’s time to confront them, deal with them then, but before then, simply pretend that they don’t exist and push forward with your goals.

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