Self Motivation – Ways To Get Motivated, Stay Motivated And Create Big Momentum

get motivated with vision, a dream, and take action

The most important key to a successful goal setting program is your ability to motivate yourself on demand, and then to stay motivated until you have achieved all your goals.

Successful people choose and develop specific goals that will drive them daily. They love doing what they do.

Successful goal setters constantly think about their big, exciting goals and visualize them so vividly that they internalize a burning, all encompassing desire to attain them.

They get motivated so that they basically cannot do without their goals. They get right into it…

Napoleon Hill talks about Visualization And The Magnificent Obsession in great detail in his flagship book, Think And Grow Rich. You can get a free digital copy on site. Here is the post with a link to the FREE Think And Grow Rich Ebook by Napoleon Hill, and here is the FREE Think And Grow Rich Workbook by Pat O’brien And Dr. Joe Vitale.

Your Magnificent Obsession is a positive obsession that is created and developed by you so that high achievement becomes mere child’s play. Creative Visualization is heralded by just about every big name self improvement expert as a top goal getting strategy.

Here are four top strategies get motivated and stay motivated to achieve every one of your goals. Take these actions and you will become totally unstoppable! You will build incredible forward momentum towards your goals.

1. Set specific goals and visualize them vividly every day. Start every morning by imagining already having them and feel the feelings you are going to experience when you finally achieve the goal. Visualize the strategies you use every step of the way, and how you successfully negotiate any potential challenges that day. See yourself hitting every milestone you set, every time. Commit to absolutely achieving them.

2. Set a target for the amount of work you will do each day toward your goals, and the approximate time it will take. Then block that time into your schedule first before anything else. Assign a high priority to each task that you must finish in order to accomplish your goal. Make a conscious effort to do better than you have ever done in the past. Train yourself to complete each task. Persist and refuse to quit until you are done.

3. Create affirmations to remind yourself of how capable you are at reaching your goal. Ask yourself empowering questions that compel you to take action immediately. Watch favourite movies that help you get motivated. Listen to your favourite music so you get motivated. Define your own version of success. Don’t let others define success for you. Ignore any people’s negative influences or responses to your efforts and focus on your positive achievements.

4. Mentorship – Get help and support from people around you or from professionals, for example a senior business partner, a life coach, a personal health trainer, or a finance manager etc. Associate and make friends with positive people who have similar interests. Make every attempt to cultivate relationships with people who can further your goals and passions. Share and celebrate your successes with them as this will help keep you focused.

Now . . . that’s a pretty good start. Consistent daily efforts toward your goals will create the momentum you need to get motivated during those times when others usually quit. You will not quit. You will re-commit. Right? As always  . . . Go For Your Big Goals, You Can Do It!

Here is the post again with a link to the FREE Think And Grow Rich Ebook by Napoleon Hill, and here is the FREE Think And Grow Rich Workbook by Pat O’brien And Dr. Joe Vitale.