How To Stay Motivated And Working On Your Goal

Focus On Your Goal

Keep Your Goals Motivating And Alive

There are many tips to help you achieve your smaller goals, all the way up to your huge hairy massive life goals that may take you years to reach.

You must never lose sight of your goals as this could cause you to become discouraged at life’s roadblocks and then you may never reach them. Remember the old saying? Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

Here’s six tips that will help you to keep those goals exciting and in sight.

1. Picture yourself achieving the goals, dream about the goal, imagine your life after the goal has been achieved.

Maybe you want to lose one hundred pounds, well, imagine yourself one hundred pounds lighter and out shopping for new clothes. Try to concentrate on the positives rather than the obstacles that show up to stop you from achieving your goal.

You will encounter people who will doubt you and they will voice that doubt. Ignore those negative people and smile at them when they say something negative about your goal. Associate with positive, caring individuals who will add to your momentum rather than take away.

If you must associate with some negative people, instead of allowing them to affect you, you can focus on proving them wrong. Let them know that you can and WILL do it!

This emotion has caused many people tough it out. Imagine losing those one hundred pounds that someone told you that you never would lose. Again, imagine yourself walking up to them and seeing their face when they see the new you a hundred pounds lighter.

2. Mastermind. Form a group of your peers that are trying to reach a similar goal. Losing weight can be a hard thing to do alone, maybe you have a couple of friends that want to lose weight too. Check out who can support you in your quest and discuss strategy.

3. Organizations are a great way to surround yourself with people who are trying to do what you are and also people who have achieved their goals and can share their experiences with you.

Hearing how someone else achieved his or her goals is a huge boost of hope and will help keep you positive, when you most need it.

Their goals do not have to be exactly the same as yours for you to work together at achieving those goals. There are a lot of organizations out there that offer weight loss group support.

Join these groups and be around people who are going through the same struggles or have already gone through the same struggles to achieve their weight loss goals.

4. Mentors. Another great way is to find a mentor to work with one on one. A mentor can help keep you focused and is also there to support you no matter when or where you need it.

If you know someone who has reached a goal and you admire them for it then ask them to be your mentor and help you learn how to reach your own goals.

Your mentor does not need to be someone you that you see or even live near, you can communicate with him or her through writing and phone calls.

Mentors are great because they have already overcome the obstacles that you will encounter on your journey to reach your goals and they can offer you great advice and insight as to how to overcome obstacles. They have traveled the road before you and have experienced similar setbacks you might face.

5. Energy and Health. As you embark on your adventure to reach your goals, you need to not lose sight of you and your health. Do not jeopardize your own well being to achieve a goal.

Take time out for you, even if it is only a few minutes, read a book, take a long hot bath. Do some relaxation exercises or just sit and relax quietly for a couple minutes.

Take this time to reflect on how you are doing and give yourself a pat on the back for sticking to your goal path. You deserve it.

6. Action. Determination. Persistence. This is perhaps the biggest and most valuable tip. Do whatever you need to reach your goal. Just sitting and thinking about what you want to achieve is not going to get you there.

You have to work at it and make it happen. Determine that nothing will stop you from achieving this goal. Persist to that end.

If you take the needed steps and put these six tips to use then you will no doubt achieve whatever goal you set for yourself. Stay positive and work hard and your goal will become reality.

Remember that the greatest among us started out the same way. No one started at the top.

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