Workplace Motivation, 4 Self Motivation Boosters

4 Ways to Increase Your Workplace Motivation

Workplace motivation can directly influence employee productivity and well-being.

In fact, workplace motivation is one such force that makes the employees perform to the best of their ability.

But if motivation is affected by negative factors, that may cause a hindrance to the growth and development of the organization.

There are several ways by which you may increase your workplace motivation and see your organization prosper in no time at all.

Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent ways by which you can increase motivation:

1. Financial rewards or incentives:

This is by far the most common means of increasing motivation. For instance you run a manufacturing unit and want an immediate increase in output levels.

At such times, you may offer your employees’ business motivation in the form of piece rate system, that is, you will reward the employees with a certain amount for each item they produce. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Again, financial rewards to enhance motivation can be given in other forms like commission payouts or for that matter, a share in company payouts. Profit sharing is only suitable for boosting workplace motivation if you are running a business with a handful of employees.

2. Job rotation:

This is one of the non-financial incentives that can be performed to increase workplace motivation levels.

This involves changing of job roles and responsibilities of the employees from time to time. For instance, you may boost the motivation level of an employee by assigning him an administrative job for the first week, a marketing job on the second, and so on.

3. Job enrichment:

This is yet another way of boosting motivation and employee morale. You may increase the in-hand roles and responsibilities that you have assigned to a particular employee.

With time, this will boost his motivation and increase his skill set. He may also show an interest inn taking additional responsibilities, thereby reducing the need of hiring another employee and increasing overhead costs.

4. Job enlargement:

This way of increasing motivation is directly related to job enrichment.

You can enhance the workplace motivation by expanding the job circuit of an employee, that is, you may assign him with additional responsibilities in a job that is of a similar nature to his current profile.

For instance, if you run a content solutions firm, you may assign your employee with an article writing project and at the same time, enhance his motivation level by asking him to edit the articles written by other employees for the same project.

Without workplace motivation, your business will fail to reflect workplace efficiency. Workplace motivation strategies will help them overcome unhappiness in their job and perform bigger and better tasks with time.

by Mark Bing

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