How To Boost Your Motivation

carpe-diemSelf Motivation is always a popular topic when it comes to people’s goals journeys. Usually when people run up against obstacles and brick walls, the success of their goals program can be determined by their original reasons for going for it in the first place. Their “motive” so to speak.

“Cop” shows make a big deal of motive, so it must be critical to have. Strong motivation is absolutely key when it comes to succeeding in the face of tough times. Big obstacles sometimes require “very” big reasons to motivate you to get past them.

Your goal, your dream, your fundamental self motivation, determines whether you continue on your path or just QUIT, and settle for second or third best. Tough to enjoy the “settle-for” lifestyle, when you know that you could have done more. Regret sets in…

IMHO, I have developed a number of habits which enable me, or empower me to get things done. I believe that creating powerful motivating habits is the key to a balanced, fulfilled life.

I crowd out the poor choices by consistently acting and moving towards my dream. That is not to say that I have perfected a strategy for staying on track yet, but, that I get back on track of my goals ASAP when I stray.

The Dream – Nothing works without it!

It’s the Dream, the vision, that by pursuing and attaining it, all you want, all you become, takes place! And it will be different for everyone! As Napoleon Hill so aptly put it, Your Own Magnificent Obsession! I have one! And you must have one also, one that moves you to action.

It makes it easier to do than not to do!

You must decide on a dream, a course of action, that motivates you to action, and that you will not stop until you have attained whatever you want. You refuse to settle for anything less. When you are focused on achieving a big dream, you are not as likely to get stuck at temporary roadblocks. Your motivation pushes you forward, and momentum surges.

My Dream is my motivation. This is what keeps me going when I don’t feel like it! Because what I feel like at any given moment, has no relevance to what I have commited to being, having, and doing in my life. I am motivated!

I’ll say that again for effect . . .

what I feel like at any given moment, has no relevance to what I have commited to being, having, and doing in my life, and therefore I go on.

I am not into money, power, or toys. I am into relationships. I certainly like money, but it is not the deciding factor when I choose a course of action. I choose a course that will provide abundant finances for all I want to do and have.

Have I reached that point yet? No. It is a work in progress, and it will always be that way.

I enjoy my journey and take my satisfaction along the road, while I also enjoy the destinations; although when I arrive I have already picked another further destination to journey toward. Life is like that.

I started small, and worked my way up to larger goals, and as I succeeded, each time, I developed more confidence in my ability to make things happen. A truly great trait to develop and have as a habit.

make-it-happenBut the dream, the motivation was always there pulling me towards it.

I have decided to enjoy a long, fun, full life with my wife, family, and friends all the while increasing my company revenues over the next ten years by helping other people get what they want out of life. (This is the short version; I have pages of stuff written out to guide me.)

What is your dream? You don’t have to tell me. Put it out there. Look at it. Imagine what it would be like. Qualify it! Quantify it! What (price) would it take to get it?

Are you willing to pay that price? What is preventing you from having it? Are you willing to change?, to leave your comfort zone? Have you the courage to pursue your dream? If not, then develop it (courage). Another good habit to cultivate.

If you don’t have a dream, or you haven’t worked on your mission statement or purpose, I strongly recommend that you take the time now. One Focus To Success makes everything simpler. You must have that motivation inside.

There will be times when your motivation is critical, and if you haven’t created and maintained that burning desire, you may just quit when the going gets tough.

If you are having trouble determining what you are here to do, what your special gift is, then ask yourself some deep power questions to dig down deep and find out what makes you really tick. It is definitely time well spent.

You might ask yourself:
If I had one wish to be anything I could be, what would I wish for?
Or . . .
If money were no object what I do, be, or have in this life?
Or . . .
What would I do freely and without reservation to fill my days if I won the big lottery?
What would I pay to do? Or better still, what do I pay to do now?
Or… What makes time stand still for me, so that I don’t even realize it’s passing?

These questions should shed some light as to what your real passions are. Find out what makes you tick. Find out what really excites you.

Then find a way to make it profitable, find other people who see the value in it and will gladly trade some of their money to get the value you offer.

I have gone on and on here, and I haven’t meant to, I do use the ideas I present. I practice daily success habits and I make mistakes just like everyone else. As always until next time, Get Motivated And Go for it!

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The key to successful goal achievement is your ability to motivate yourself and stay motivated.

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