Boost Self Motivation With Goal Setting

Goal Setting – How to Find Your Motivation

Setting goals and a plan to achieve them is all fine and good; but what happens when you lose motivation to try and achieve your goal?

Starting out you will be highly motivated, wanting to do as much as you can each day.

Slowly, as the days click by, and the mundane of the tasks that you are undertaking sets in, chances are your motivation will decrease as well.

When this happens you have two choice: Quit (not recommended); or re-find your motivation (recommended). This article shows you how.

  • Know why the goal is important to you: The reason you are undertaking your goal is important if you want to find your motivation. If your goal is something that you want to achieve because of its life changing benefits, then simply remind yourself of what things will be like for you and your family once you achieve it. Keep images and memorabilia around your work area to keep reminding you of the importance of why you are working hard.
  • Go public with your goal: While we don’t always recommend telling people the specific details of your goals (there are a lot of people who will tell you it can’t be done!), going public does serve one important purpose: It makes you accountable to your goal. While we shouldn’t care to much what people think, publicly committing to a goal (in other words a promise) will help to motivate you when times get tough.
  • Reward yourself along the way: If what you want to achieve is to far into the future, it is easy to lose motivation. Break your overall goal up into easy to manage tasks, and reward yourself with a small reward, whenever you achieve one of these tasks.
  • Set aside half an hour each day: It is easy to lose motivation when you are over worked and have a high number of commitments. Remind yourself how important your goal(s) are to you, and commit to working on them for half an hour every day. If you do this you will slowly and surely progress!
  • Get support: Get a mentor and get your family on side. Share the benefits with them. This will help to keep you on track when times are tough.

Motivation is one of the most important aspects of goal setting. With it you can find ways to achieve anything; without it, nothing gets done.

So when times get tough, look at the five tips above and find your motivation again.

By Rusty O’Connor

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