Other Side Benefits Of Goal Achievement

The Benefits Of Goal Achievement Are Often More Than The Goal Itself

There are many benefits of achieving our goals. It is not just the final goal that is important. Some wise men say that the journey is more important than the destination.

Could this be true in terms of our goals and objectives in life?


Part of our goal setting plan can be to identify the “side” benefits of our goals. Why are we trying so hard to achieve this goal?

More times than not, it’s because we want something about us to change as a result of achieving the goal. We not only get more but we become more because of the goals we set.

One benefit to finishing your goal is increased patience. Very few goals can be completely accomplished in twenty-four hours or less. We have to face the fact that it will take a while to reach our goal.

If we embrace this thought, the entire process from start to finish won’t seem as daunting. In the end, we have learned just how true it is when people tell us “good things come to those who wait.”

Networking is another advantage to attaining our goals. As we strive to achieve goals we encounter like minded people along the way. These people have been in our shoes before and have precious information to share.

This type of relationship doesn’t end when the goal is achieved. Valuable contacts continue to find us and even work with us to achieve bigger goals for both parties.

Some of our goals involve positive health benefits as well. Health related goals, although it may not seem so at the time, are some of the more immediate ones.

Losing weight, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and quitting destructive, addictive habits come with benefits that translate into longer more fulfilling lives.

It’s hard to achieve goals from the grave. Once our health goals are achieved, we can look forward to setting other goals.

For long term goals, it often takes courage, sacrifice and a serious look into our character. Who we truly are is revealed through the obstacles, responses to negative attitudes, and high points of the goal achieving process.

Each milestone is a test of what we believe in.

At the end, we realize that it is not just the goal that was achieved but a new sense of self that couldn’t have come about any other way.

In this life, we need each other. This comes into play in the setting of goals. A goal doesn’t seem as impossible with others helping us to achieve it.

Instead of being alone with our thoughts we share them with someone who will understand, has been where we are, or is willing to encourage and see us through.

Closer relationships are a tremendous byproduct of goal achievement. Those people who have been with us throughout the process have not only earned our respect but deserve a reciprocal helping hand when it comes time for them to embark on their own goals.

The benefits of achieving goals are not limited to the simply the goal itself. In the goal achievement process, the other lessons learned like living healthier, becoming mentally tough, and how to weather setbacks outweigh the actual goal reward itself.

Even when the original goal is not met, we have a lot to be proud of ourselves for, because the journey has taught and brought us so much.

So, goal setting and achievement stands as one of the most important, character building habits you can develop in your life. Go for it!

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