Improve Your Focus, Change Your Thoughts, In Three Simple Steps

How To Change Your Thoughts In 3 Simple Steps

The quality of your life is reflective of the quality of your thoughts.

Are you a glass is half full or half empty person?

Your thoughts create your life. Do you believe people are out to get you?

Then that’s the experience you’ll have.

Or do you believe that people go out of their way to help you? If so, you’ll notice people showing up to help.

Which are you most like?

You choose what you think. You are either consciously creating your thoughts or passively reacting to the habit of thinking. What do you spend the majority of your time thinking about? Is it positive or negative?

You can change your thoughts and focus in 3 simple steps.

  1. Make your success list! Think of all the best moments of your life. How did they feel? What were those moments you were at your best or succeeded? Now on a separate sheet of paper write down all your failures. How many have you overcome or turned around? Those get added to your success list too.
  2. Make your joy list. Write down everything that brings you joy or makes you happy. Take a few uninterrupted moments to do this. Now write the percentage of time you spend doing these activities. This is only a gauge to know where you are starting. Now mark your top 5 activities. Put them on your calendar.
  3. Make your laughter list. There will most likely be overlap here. Think about everything that makes you laugh and write out this list; Friends, activities, things you find funny. What about movies, comedians, or books? What we are doing is creating a menu of things you can do when you have pockets of time and need to laugh.

Print out a copy of these lists and put it somewhere where you’ll see it everyday. Make a point to read it everyday. You get what you focus on. This will help you spend your time thinking about your successes which will bring more successes. Laughter will be available when you need it most.

Laughter is a holistic approach. First you must find remind yourself what’s working in your life, where you have succeeded and what your best moments have been thus far. Then compile a list of things make you happy and finally write out your laughter list.

Let these become your bucket list. Start checking items off your list every week, month or year depending on the size. Some will become reoccurring activities you do daily, weekly or monthly. The more you find time in your schedule for these the better your results will be.

In order to bring more joy and laughter into your life, focus on improving the quality of your thoughts. You’ll find that the more you consciously choose your thoughts the happier and lighter you’ll become.

T. Harv Eker says, “Thoughts lead to Feelings which Lead to Actions which lead to Results.”

Thoughts come first. So the first step is to consciously start choosing to focus on what’s working, what brings us joy and what makes us laugh. Life will be challenging and throw in some curve balls but stick with it and you’ll notice you bounce back quicker and easier each time.

Change your thoughts and you’ll change your results. You can change your life at the speed of thought and laughter is just around the corner!

Getting different results means taking a different action. Take a different action and see what happens! Let the laughter flow!!

You’ll be feeling the benefits of laughter in no time. Here’s to a life of laughter!

By Christiana R Carter

Christiana has been studying laughter since January 2002 after a natural healer told her she did laugh enough. She transformed her life with laughter. Now her passion is helping others do the same to attract the life they want and to improve their health.

For great tips, tools and videos visit her website (link no longer active) Now you can laugh yourself healthy and happy!

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