Goals Setting Strategy, Set Your Goals And Then Re-Write Them Every Morning

Goal Setting – Re-Write Your Goals Every Day

Changing a habit doesn’t happen over night.

It takes time. If you want to achieve success, then you have to work at it every day until your work becomes a habit.

Setting and achieving goals is habit forming, so the more you write down your goals, and undertake work on your goals, the more likely you will be to stick to achieve them.

This article shares with you three tips to help make your goals happen.

  1. Re-write your goals every day: Looking at your goals is good, but re-writing them every day is even better, This way you are re-enforcing the message of goals setting, and of your goals. So take time out every morning to re-write your goals.
  2. There is no direct line between A and B: Well if there is it is very thin, and not many people travel it. We learn through failures and road block along the way. Accept that this is part of the challenge. Things won’t work well all the time, and you may have to change your focus. However, if you stick at your goals you will eventually achieve them. This is why making your goals a habit is very important.
  3. Make sure you are doing things for yourself: If you are doing your goals to please others then in the long run this will have a negative effect. Either you won’t be fully committed to your goals, or you may feel resentment to the other person. Stick to goals that mean something to you and that are relevant to your life.
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Goal setting success doesn’t happen over night. Working on your goals every day is a habit, and the sooner you get into this routine the more success you will have. Here’s to your goal setting success.

Rusty O’Connor

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