Top Seven Time Management Tips To Achieve Your Goals Faster

Goal Setting:  How To Find More Time To Achieve Your Goals With These Seven Time Management Tips by Rusty O’Connor

Each person has the same amount of hours in each day and minutes in each hour.

The difference is how we choose to use this time.

If you can manage your time (and not let your time manage you), you will reduce stress, achieve more, and have better balance in your life.

In addition, the more time you have, the more you can free up for your goal setting, and for turning your dreams into reality.

In this article we provide 7 simple time management tips that will help you organize your life, and stay in control of one of your most important assets, time.

  1. Write a to-do-list:  This has to be the best way to manage your time.  Use your goals as a base and write down everything that you want to (and need to) achieve during the day.  A good second step is to prioritize your tasks.  Not all tasks are created equal…highlight the tasks that will bring you closer to your goals, and work on these first.
  2. Use a diary:  A diary is a great tool to keep you in control of your time.  Be ruthless.  Highlight space where you want to get work done, and work on these tasks, and only these tasks, during that time.  If you don’t plan your diary well, your time will plan you.  Don’t over commit your diary.  Leave space for those urgent tasks that come up during the day.
  3. List your life:  Don’t just limit yourself to your work or goals.  Think of everything that you do.  Most people fail to stick to plans because they don’t allow for all their activities.  This way you won’t get many surprises each day.
  4. Organize your files:  If you are like me you don’t like filing.  However good filing saves times and limits stress – make it a habit to organize your files.
  5. Be ruthless:  It’s your time.  Sometimes you can’t please everyone.  Don’t feel bad if you have to occasionally say no.  It is better to do a few tasks well, than to do a lot mediocre.  You will also earn more respect this way, and will be known for keeping your word.
  6. Plan calls:  The amount of time you can save if you plan a phone call is huge – you limit your need for follow up calls.  Calls are also a great alternative to email, as you can generally get agreement on the spot.
  7. Check your emails at certain times:  Don’t check emails as they come in.  You will lose your momentum and reduce your energy levels.  Set aside three times of the day to check your emails, and try to finalize each email when it comes in.

If you want to achieve your goals quickly you have to do two things:  Find more time to work on your goals; and work smarter.

To find more time, simply follow the seven time management tips above.  We wish you success in your goal setting.

Cheers! Here’s to your goal setting success!

Rusty O’Connor

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Rusty O’Connor has been an avid goal setter for the past 10 years and has written numerous goal setting and time management articles and has provided in-depth advice to numerous clients.

Outside of goal setting and time management, Rusty enjoys Internet Marketing, rock climbing, surfing and traveling.  Rusty is married with four young children and currently lives as an expat in the Middle East.

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