Procrastination Buster – Setting Daily Goals Overcomes Procrastination Habit

Creating-empowering-habits2How To Overcome Procrastination – Set Daily Goals

The surest way to know that you absolutely can do something is to have done it before.

When you set small daily goals for yourself, you develop the habit of getting things done.

So when that procrastination demon appears, you will know how to force yourself to push ahead because you’ve done it before.

If you feel like you’re losing the battle against procrastination, one of the most effective strategies for taking charge of your life is to get into the habit of accomplishing daily goals.

Set Them and Go Get Them! Build a series of small successes and use the momentum to become unstoppable.

Set a goal every day, and achieve it. It’s easy to get discouraged when your projects don’t seem to be going anywhere.

We all need a long-term vision to guide our day-to-day efforts, but many people with high goals develop a negative attitude when they think they’re not making progress.

That’s why it’s important to set achievable goals every day. The more goals you achieve, the more positive your attitude will be.

Set weekly and monthly goals. Your short-term goals are milestones that keep you moving toward long-term goals. They help you know if you’re going in the right direction.

rp_your-goal-300x199.jpgWhen a long-term goal seems far away, it’s easy to feel discouraged. Breaking down a large project into smaller segments makes it easier to stay focused.

Congratulate yourself when you achieve daily and weekly goals, and give yourself a special reward when you achieve a monthly goal.

It’s important to experience the satisfaction and rewards of successfully completing jobs. When you force yourself to keep moving until you finish a project, it’s easier to get started on the next one.

Don’t be surprised if you feel yourself grappling with the drift toward procrastination now and then – it may never go away completely. Just deal with it.

All successful people learn how to identify the procrastination monster, and they know what to do about it when it threatens. Here are a half dozen ways that successful people get things done.

1. Successful people tend to use their time well. When an urgent task threatens to pull them away from what they’re doing, they don’t rush into it just because it seems more urgent.

They always ask: Which of these two things is higher on my list of priorities? Which one is more important for me to focus on now?

2. They turn off the phone from time to time. Can you get more done by leaving a voice message and turning the phone off during certain periods of the day?

The telephone is one of the most insidious thieves of our time. It’s urgent but rarely important. It crowds out the less urgent but more important things. Don’t let this happen.

3. They keep a log of how they use their time, and analyze it regularly to improve their effectiveness. If they miss a deadline, they plan how to finish the remainder of their work and estimate as accurately as possible when it will be done.

4. They develop a daily routine. They set an objective to accomplish every morning and every afternoon. They expect to achieve it.

5. They leave time in their daily schedule for contingencies. True urgencies will frequently pop up. They plan for them.

6. They always think twice before postponing a task. It takes time to think about a task, and then properly rechedule it. Time they could have used just to get it done. Successful people know that by pushing themselves to accomplish their daily goals each and every day, makes them more likely to achieve their long-term goals.

Find a successful person that is within your field of endeavor and model them. Find out how they operate. Seek to develop the daily mindset and habits they employ to get things done. You will find yourself moving forward just like they are. This absolutely works…

rp_Continue-your-journey.jpgMost successful people know how to motivate themselves. Here are 77 ways to motivate yourself to keep going after your goals. Know which ones will work for you. Not everything works for everybody…

Start setting daily, easily achievable goals that will move you forward and end procrastination forever!

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