Goals, Making Your Own Personal Action Plan

OK. So you have set your most important goals? Do you have a personal plan of action in place, so that you have a real chance to achieve them?

It has been said more than once that when we fail to plan, we plan to fail. It’s true enough. The first step in achieving any goal is to write it down, and make a plan before we start.

When it comes to the things we really want to do, we need to think about the whole process from beginning to end. Always start out with the end result in mind. We think about what it is we want to do, decide what we are going to do, internalize it in our mind, and then do it.

Now that we have a concrete plan, we have to do something with it. It’s time. We need to take action, and execute the plan. The plan by itself will not get us to our goals.

For example when it comes to health goals, things can go awry quite quickly when the plan is not in place. We may start out eating salad and raw veggies because it seems like the right thing to do for our diet.

But if you are not a salad eater, consuming all that roughage gets old really quick.

Without a well researched eating plan, we won’t be sure what else we can eat to healthfully and eventually settle back into old habits, discouraged with the whole idea. Goal not achieved. And self image takes another negative hit. 🙁

Without a plan, anything is bound to happen, and usually does happen. Our best intentions can still lead to setbacks and possibly eventual failure.

A large goal such as losing over 100 pounds takes a solid plan that involves several smaller goals or milestones along the way to ensure success.

Milestones are actually goals within a goal. Achieving each one, leads to more confidence that the ultimate goal can be reached. Milestones work well with large, long term goals.

They prevent discouragement and reduce relapses into old habits. If relapses do occur, there is always the next milestone to look forward to. And, these milestones can always be amended in the event of unforeseen events or urgent distractions that may present themselves.

We need these milestones along the way to celebrate, and to analyze, so we can adjust our behaviors accordingly.

Ok, so where do we start with the plan?

Begin by reading, research the subject. See how others successfully achieved their similar goals. Chances are that many people before you wanted the same or similar things. Get the specific knowledge you need. Knowledge is power and applied knowledge is More Power.

Many great achievers were not fully prepared when they started out on their journeys, but they went out and got the information they needed and started from there.

They started out with a burning hot desire, and found their way from there.

For instance, if we want to lose weight, we must learn how food behaves in the body and what makes up the foods we eat. We need to know about how exercise affects us. We research diet plans and foods, workout plans, and maybe even a personal trainer to coach or mentor us.

After learning what we need to know, we put it into practice by writing down the smaller milestones and deadlines that will be achieved along the way.

Developing a solid plan shows us in our own mind that the goal is serious, has been accepted and thought through, and is what we ultimately want.

And as we develop our plan, we will also begin to realize if it is indeed what we want, or maybe not even a goal we want to pursue. Better to find out now if the goal is not the right goal.

This can save us much future anguish. No one wants to wake up one day and realize they have lost interest in a particular goal after so much hard work.

So . . . Set your goals, and plan carefully how you will achieve your goals.

Working with a well researched and prepared plan of action saves us much time and heartache. The path to success can be quite time consuming and difficult if we decide to just wing it.

Remember that the majority of people do not write their goals down, let alone plan how they will achieve them. This puts us well ahead of the average person right off. And that’s a good feeling to start with.

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