Planning For Goals Success, Three Simple Steps To Get You Started

3 Simple Steps You Must First Take In Order To Obtain Success

Looking for ways to become successful but always coming up short? That’s probably because you’ve been looking at the wrong place. Sometimes the most basic essential rules are most often overlooked. They may even be the most crucial information you can’t afford to miss out on. Build off of a rocky foundation and you’ll be sure to fail.

Here you’ll find 3 simple, solid steps to obtain the success you’ve always wanted. You’ll learn how to Change Your Mindset, Surround Yourself With Success/Successful people, Visualize and Take Action.

Before you dive into the specifics lets review these few things. To be successful, you must think successful. To think successful, you must surround yourself with successful people or study them. You then apply your knowledge, work hard, and have patience.

Step 1: Change your Mindset

This is probably the hardest step for you to take. You want to become successful but you don’t want to feel like you’re entirely someone else. That’s ok. You don’t have to forsake yourself. All you are changing are your bad habits, your common misconceptions, and your unsuccessful ways of thinking. If it hasn’t worked for you until now, it probably never will. Its time to change your mindset.

Habits form through repetition. You’ve been repeating this way of thinking for all your life so yes it will be difficult to break. However, now is the time you free your mind and open it up to new possibilities.

Your ego will try to get in the way because it is functioning off of failed programming. Don’t let that happen. Let all the false beliefs go. Everything you were taught since childhood, all the brainwashing only keeps you from obtaining your true goal, SUCCESS.

Step 2: Study Successful People

You can go about this in two ways: research historical figures who were successful or find successful people who are alive today and study or interview them. Even better, go ahead and do both.

There’s a reason why historical figures made it in the book of history, so study them. You want to look at the traits they had that you want in yourself. What was their character deep inside, their values, morals, and beliefs? What was their mindset?

Find books written about them or if possible find books written by them. You will feel as if you were being mentored by the greatest figures themselves! When you go out and seek these successful individuals you will see that there is a plethora of books to choose from.There will be tons of information.

Information doesn’t necessary contain knowledge however, so choose carefully. Pick your favorite individual, one that represents the most ideal image of who you want to be and how you want to be seen then study that individual.

Do the same thing for the success figures of today’s society. Donald Trump may be out of reach, but watch interviews and specials on him. Look at the way he walks, talks, and portrays himself. What is his demeanor? Remember, you are capable of the same thing.

Whenever possible, always seek first hand experience such as interviews, but if that isn’t possible, go ahead and read the books they have written. Successful people usually have published their own books.

Step 3: Visualize and Take Action

Its time to take all your knowledge and consolidate them into something tangible. Turn what you know into an action plan. The first two steps were the planning and preparation steps. This is now the most important step.

No great individual just sits and dreams of what should happen or could happen, they make it happen. You’ve changed your mindset to allow knowledge and wisdom to flow freely into you. You’ve studied all the greatest individuals in society.

Now you must visualize yourself as a successful individual. You must see yourself already in possession of the things you want. That is your true self. The happiness you feel, the accomplishments you’ve made is because you decided for it to be that way. You have all you need to take yourself there. You’re ready to take action.

Create your action plan and follow it. Be as specific as possible. “I will do this in order to get that. From that I will be able to get here and there and so forth. Only you can take yourself there. No one can hold your hand and tell you exactly how to get there but yourself.

Your true self, the happy, successful individual is within you. That which you seek is already within you. Let it be your guide. Information is all around you but this does not alway mean that the information contains knowledge.

Here, you’ve learned 3 simple crucial steps that are probably the most valuable steps you will take for building your foundation for success.

Success does not happen overnight. It truly takes time and hard work. So keep yourself motivated. Patience. Persistence. Perseverance. As long as you put in work, you will be rewarded appropriately.

By Bory Ly

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