Control Your Imagination, Choose Positive Thoughts

worry-fearHave Faith, Believe & Control Your Imagination

I remember when I was working in the pest control industry, and serving people with their pest control needs.

Moving from call to call doing my thing. Solving problems and making people feel better.

After all when someone called me usually they had a ‘pest’ problem.

I’d do my inspection, figure out what was going on, and determine a strategy to bring things back to normal.
Sometimes communication is the most important part of what I did. I mean really, some people were absolutely paranoid. I mean standing on the desk, shaking and biting their fingernails kind of fear gripping them.

It was sometimes hard for me to relate to their situation because I was so conditioned to the work. I took it all in stride, and worked towards solution without emotional attachment. It came from years of training. You can control your imagination too. It just takes some practice.

Our imagination can work for us, or against us, depending on what direction we take it in. Do you stay focused on a solution?

Do you control your imagination, or is it bouncing you off every wall in your mind? This part of us is responsible for everything we have, everything we do, and everything we are.

accurate-thinking-problem-solvingIf we live in paralyzing fear, or if we live in unstoppable confidence, it is our decision in how we use our imagination. We are the rulers of our minds, we are the makers of our miracles, we own our fate.

Which have you been choosing in your life?

Are you living a full, joyous purposeful life, or are you settling for what life hands you, just waiting to see what’s around the next corner, feeling out of control and fearful of what could happen next? Are you embracing challenge and solving problems?

You should see how some of these people were lifted right out of their fearful states when I transferred my confidence in the situation to them, by communicating the correct program and how it would work, and that I would deliver a timely solution.

The difference was like night and day.

All of a sudden it appeared like a great weight had been lifted off their shoulders, and they could now see their way past the problem and breathe easy again.

And I hadn’t even done anything but talk yet!

problem-solvedI had just given them some facts, shared my experience with that particular problem over many years, and how I would take care of them similarly.

Well, I am just as vulnerable as them in areas that I don’t have much skill in.

It seems that when we are out of our area of expertise, we tend not to have as much confidence in whether we can handle what comes along.

It is at these points however, that we must draw on our belief and faith that we will handle whatever comes along no matter what.

We are the ones left standing, we have not quit on ourselves, and we have made it this far without cashing in our chips. This is how life plays out.

If we cannot control the situation then the very least we can control is our attitude towards it.

How we handle it in the moment and how we determine our actions to move past it, makes all the difference between a life of fear and a life of joy.

I choose joy, I choose love, I choose confidence.

find-solutionI believe that I was put on this earth to do something worthwhile and contribute to others and meet them at their needs.

I believe that you were put on this earth for a reason too. You must find your reason and bond with it, explore it, take action on it.

Give in to it. Feel how your purpose, your passion gives you energy, confidence, belief, determination, and the knowledge to control your imagination, and focus it in an empowering direction.

Well I have been rambling on here, I just sat at the computer, and didn’t really have anything to write about. I had no topic planned, I just started typing and it came pouring  out.

I see runaway imaginations disempowering people left and right, just because they let it. Don’t let this be you. Be a problem solver.

When you feel those familiar feelings of fear, doubt, or worry, take control right there and then, change your state, and confidently move and take action, take any action towards your goals, your passion, your joy in life.

Until next time . . . Succeed!