Reach Your Goals Through Association

I just wanted to write a short post today about Association and how it helps you achieve your goals.

Many people still do not know just how important it is to associate with the right people to make it easier and simpler to reach their big goals.

Is this you? Are you planning to cultivate the relationships that will bring you closer to what you want? Are you giving them a ‘win’ too?

Are you associating with the right people so you are gaining momentum towards your goals?

Or, are you fighting against this natural law of association that states that over time you will develop the same traits and habits as the people you associate with?

Better to make it empowering associations if you ask me…

Remember when you were younger, your mother may have talked to you about how important it was to have friends that were well behaved and were a good influence on you?

Or, maybe you had a talk with her, like I did with my mom, about how bad it was to hang out with certain people. (Ouch!) Well, if you did, did you listen to her? Because she was, and still is right on.

If you associate with like minded individuals with similar goals as you, you are way more likely to hit those goals, and in record time.

If you associate with people who have conflicting goals then yours, then you are very likely never going to hit your goals without some mighty big efforts.

Gaining momentum is difficult when you are pulled in different directions. Everything works better when you are focused and not distracted.

Associate with those people who can help you in your goal setting efforts. Choose a mentor who may have achieved exactly what you want to achieve, and enlist their help.

Associate with peers who are in the hunt right now for those similar goals as you. It can be a co-operative not a competitive relationship.

Hang out with positive, highly motivated people and you are more likely to be positive and highly motivated yourself. It does really rub off naturally.

And you might ask, how can I get into that circle of influence? The answer will be different for everyone. Sorry.

But here’s some questions that will help you brainstorm some empowering answers to get started.

Questions to Ponder
Who has already got, or who is actively pursuing those goals, those things that I want? Who has walked this path before me and can share their experiences?
How can I get next to them? How can I get them to help me, or mentor me?
What can I give them in return? How can I serve them and bring about a win-win situation?
What do I need to do to make this happen? What can I do right now to get this started today?

Ask these questions and spend some time with it. Do not speed through it. The more time you spend on this the more value you will get from it. The harder you dig for the right answers, the more qood quality strategies you will come up with.

Associating with like minded people will dramatically shorten your journey to your dream goals.

Do not stop asking until you have that action plan in place.

Tony Robbins states this about it. How long do I keep asking? Ask until you get what you want…

In fact all children are really good at this. They seldom take ‘no’ for an answer right off. They stay on you like a bulldog on a bone. 🙂

Somewhere, somehow, when we grow up we seem to lose the persistence necessary to hold the course, to get the ‘right’ answer when we are asking questions.

So, ask until…