Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Won’t Survive

online-businessAffiliate Marketing Is Not Difficult But Many Fail At It Because They Fail To Execute Good Business Fundamentals. 

Get a thorough knowledge of business basics first.

Learn what principles to follow to create a successful online business venture because that is exactly what you will be starting when you begin promoting other people’s products and services through affiliate programs.

Create the proper foundation for a company first, and you will have gone a long way to running a profitable online business. OK. I’ll get to that in a minute…

First, let’s get to some of the reasons why people fail in their affiliate marketing business. Over the years I have made all of these mistakes except the last one. Being bull-headed and stubborn, I just didn’t quit though…

The Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants Syndrome – They don’t treat it as a business. They do not plan their efforts. They fail to organize a series of products that includes a capture page, a front end, back end, and continuity revenue system to sustain their business into the future. They don’t organize their sales efforts around a line of products that are specifically tailored to solve a problem in their market.

The Who Needs A List Anyway Syndrome
They do not build a list of responsive subscribers in their niche, do not build relationships with their visitors, and do not develop any social media plan for doing so. They do not realize that their subscribers represent their very own personal distribution channel, in other words, their online business… Short and sweet, they have no squeeze page or subscription form, to capture their website visitors emails and turn them into customers.

The Shiny Object Syndrome
They fail to focus on one project until it is up and running, they scurry back and forth chasing the latest, greatest perceived money maker. They have no set goals, and therefore follow the next bright shiny object that distracts them from what they are doing.

The More Links The Better Syndrome
All they do is spray links all over the place to make money. They fail to develop relationships with qualified prospects before they make offers.  They do not pre-sell their visitors before they send them to overly long, and sometimes tired looking sales pages. And then it is the seller that gets to capture their visitors information, not them.

The I Knew It Wouldn’t Work Syndrome
In all of these cases, they would probably quit long before they had time to actually learn the ropes, and gain enough momentum for success. They just do not invest the time and effort to make their business successful.

They fail because they did not learn how to do business on the internet… Don’t let that be you.

To succeed, simply do the opposite of the above and…

1. Do treat your online venture as a business because it will take time and persistence to succeed. Just because it doesn’t cost you a lot of money to start up, doesn’t mean you can take shortcuts.

Organize a line of affiliate products & services, and a sales system that includes a capture page, a front end, back end, and continuity revenues to sustain your business.

Once you are established, you can diversify if that is your goal, or even graduate to your own unique product line with upsells, downsells and complete sales funnels for use as customer service channels for your best customers.

2. Do capture your visitors email address so that you can build a relationship and turn them into customers.

Pre-sell them before you send them to the seller’s pages with relevant content and specific related offers in a newsletter, or an AR (autoresponder) message series.

Use examples, product descriptions or reviews… the list goes on.

3. Do persist until you learn enough to succeed.

Do not quit.

Many times it is just more knowledge and experience that is necessary to win the day. No one said that business was easy, but thousands of people are succeeding at it every day.

Don’t allow yourself to just be another failure statistic.

Here are Three More Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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