Sharpen Your Focus. Keep Your Goals With You At All Times

Goals Work – Do You Keep Your Goals Handy?

Writing out what we want and planning how we can get it is not all that is required in most cases.

For me, I need to keep my goals right in front of me. I want them right there.

I have a lot on the go, and sometimes I need a boost of inspiration and direction to keep me focused and in the game.

I keep a quick summary, a snap shot of my goals, reasons, and strategies with me at all times. (Well, maybe not all the time . . . but certainly most of the time.)

Something I can look at quickly to remind myself why I am doing it all. Maybe this will seem quite simple to some of you.

I only know that it is helpful to me.

My summary sheet or snapshot includes the following:
1. The #1 most important goal I am going for.
2. The reasons why I must achieve it. Most important. I have lots of reasons.
3. The reward I will get when I achieve it. My imagined completion.
4. I have pictures and triggers I can associate to it.
5. All the sub goals which align within it.

I keep this and review it frequently each day. Especially I pull it out and look at it when I get into less than optimum states, (and yes, I have to work at this too) and when I need to turn on the after burners. It helps me stay on course when I get distracted.

I believe that I can and I will attain them. The result is in the bank. The timing and strategy might change, but the goals are a sure thing.

Action Step – – Are your goals nearby?

If you could use reminders during the day, make up a goals sheet or card that is portable.

Something that you can pull out and draw strength and power from in those times when your energy or focus starts to flag.

You could even keep a copy on the back of your day planner or schedule for the day, or in your wallet or purse. Just keep them close enough you can reach for them when you really need them.

If you have never tried this, give it a shot.

If you are serious about ‘BIG’ goals, then you will see more productive days. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.

Go for it! See you next time.