Motivational Tips For High Achievement

Five Top Self-Improvement Motivators

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. — Zig Ziglar

Self-improvement is something that everyone should focus on everyday of his or her lives. Building character and being positive are two of the greatest joys that people can receive by staying motivated through self-improvement.

This article will attempt to elaborate on five self-improvement motivators that are at the top of the list.

1. Become the person who is known for his or her hustle.
When you do something, do it your way and do not fall into the cookie cutter mold of what you think people want to see. Try to keep the thought of what people will be expecting your actions to be and then do not do it differently.

If everyone in the office uses a white board and a black white board marker for presentations, do your presentation with a computer slide show using tons of color. Do nothing expected, change the way you think and stick with it.

Of course work hard and with quickness, the positive feedback you will receive from a superior or even a friend will boost your self-esteem through the roof.


2. Your character is a great asset and you should definitely use it for motivation.
Are you the type of person that acts one way around family, another way around your friends, and yet another character emerges while in the workplace?

Try to overcome this habit and just be yourself. Determine what character truly suits you. No one likes to act fake and no one should have to, just be you. Let people know how you really feel.

This may be hard for you if you have always kept your true feelings bottled up inside of you. You will feel better once you let out the truth. Stand tall and support yourself as you are, on your own.

If you have a great idea and you propose it and are not taken seriously, do not back down, stand tall and voice your opinions and reasons for wanting your proposal to be chosen.

3. Take some bold and hearty risks in life.
Avoiding risks in life typically will not result in great things for you. Taking risks is necessary to achieve greater things in life.

What if you wanted a promotion for a position you have no experience for but you know you have the necessary skills to be a great in the position? If you do not take the risk and apply for the promotion you will not even be considered for the position.

If you take the risk and your boss turns you down he may at least tell you how you can achieve status to receive a promotion later on down the road. You cannot fear rejection or you will pass up a lot of opportunities.

Fear of rejection is a huge hindrance for many people but overcoming it is easy if you know what you want in life and go towards your goal with perseverance.

4. Managing your time is another important thing that you must focus on while trying to improve yourself.
Every minute in life is valuable; it only takes a minute to miss one single opportunity. Imagine missing an opportunity because you are off chatting with co-workers in the break room or chatting on the phone with a friend rather than out seeking opportunity.

To help manage your time you should plan everything using deadlines and goals. Setting strict deadlines will help you achieve the task at hand much more effectively.

5. Using correct body language and appropriate facial expressions is another important habit to get into while going through self-improvement.
Body language and facial expressions are much stronger than words. How do you sit in a meeting? Are slumped back in your chair almost dozing off from boredom or are you sitting up straight with an attentive look on your face.

Show interest in things at work even if they are not something of great interest to you. If your superiors see you are interested they will take note of your enthusiasm. Always be aware of your body language and facial expressions and make sure they match what is coming out of your mouth!

Using the above techniques will not only motivate you to succeed but also will make you feel better about yourself. Always be aware of how you feel about yourself and take care of your feelings. Keeping them bottled up inside will only hinder you from success.

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