Goal Setting Musts For High Goal Achievement

dream-big-live-your-dreamGoal Achievement in a Nutshell? – Just Get Serious.

Get serious about your goal setting plans, strategies, and take serious action.

It’s your life and it is NOT infinite.

Since you have a finite time on this planet, why shouldn’t you absolutely live and enjoy every minute of it?

Are you serious about getting what you want, or serious about being or doing what you want? Then there are a few musts you need to know to make it happen…

First of all, goal setting is not brain surgery nor is it complicated. It is simple making plans to make the most of your life according to what you want. We humans tend to over complicate simple things. And far too many people are not willing to investigate all their options before embarking on a new course of action.

Life can be tough. In the beginning it probably seems easier for many people just to follow others. You know, just go with the flow, and not go their own way, but this is life’s fatal trap and most often they do not recognize the consequences of their actions until many years later.

They end up unhappy with their life, watching others realize their dreams, but not seeing the results in their own life that make them happy. They suppressed their own wants and needs to be “like” others.

These are not lazy people. Just misinformed. Not prepared for life’s battles. 

They sat back and took a reactive role, let others make the decisions for them, and then just went along for the ride and hoped that everything would work out. They didn’t seem to want to take ownership of their life.

They were not serious about designing their life. They gave in to excuses. They settled for less than they can be, do or have. And that is the fatal error.

After some time, they finally realized that they could have had whatever they wanted if they just would have started momentum earlier in the direction of their real dream. What they wanted their life to be about…

Don’t let this be you. Sometimes you have to go against the flow. You have to swim upstream. You have to work hard and focus on what you want out of life. The results will be worth it when you do.

By the way, this does not mean that you have to “work harder at work”. You might want to work hard to spend more time with your family, friends, or loved ones…

Make your decision right up front, and then take the time and action necessary. In other words, go make your decision right. Go for it. Succeed.

I remember when I was younger and I needed a new car. I would just go into the dealership, or look in the paper for what I thought I could afford, or for what they had available on the lot.

I mean I had a vague idea of what I thought I wanted, but the available money would usually make the final decision for me. I didn’t realize it at the time but I had literally made an unconscious decision to settle for what I thought I could get at the time. Some of you may relate . . .

I would look over the limited selection and pick out what I thought I wanted, or whatever they were pushing me toward.

What a crock of sh*#! I pretty much let them make the decision for me and then I justified the decision in my own mind that it was really what I wanted.

And my dream car would just get further away from my reality because I didn’t have the courage to pursue it. My life was pretty much an expanded view of the same type of behaviors.

Now whenever I set a plan into motion I check to make sure I feel certain I am doing the right thing for me. Here are what I think are the most important rules for achieving anything you want. There are many others but I feel these are the most critical areas to spend in.

1. You must believe that what you are doing is the most important thing you can do. You must be committed to this path as being the best path for you. No wavering, no conflicting emotions allowed.

2. You must believe that you have now, or you can develop as needed the special qualities necessary for accomplishment in this area. Organize the resources necessary for making the journey, and educate yourself as you go.

3. You must desire it with all your heart and recognize that the full and complete success in this undertaking is the only acceptable outcome. You want it, you deserve it and you refuse to lose.

4. You must see yourself taking the actions necessary and feel the enjoyment accomplishing it will bring. Get comfortable with the realization that you will soon have what you want. You may decide to adjust the timing and strategy, but the goal is a sure thing.

5. You must make a habit of disciplining yourself to make completions. Make sure your subconscious mind and your daily habits serve your master plan. Replace procrastination with the eagerness to move forward. You just can’t wait to make it happen.

Your success rate is hugely dependent on how successful you are at applying this checklist of rules to your goal path.

If you are not serious about your life’s journey, then what will you be serious about? There is no time like the present! 

Like I said at the start, Get Serious. It’s your life. OK? Let’s get started…  🙂


  1. Well said. Everyone has wants and things that would be nice to do. Having a goal requires concentrated effort over time. Wants don’t do much. Goals get things done.

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