More Motivational Tips To Keep Your Motivation Strong

More Tips to Keep Your Motivation High

Ever notice how when you start a new project your motivation level is through the roof, but after a few days it seems to disappear? Or maybe you just wake up one day and you’re motivated, but the next day you don’t feel it?

Some people blame this on being manic depressive or wonder if they’re manic depressive. That could be the case, but it can also stem from not keeping yourself motivated. Staying motivated can take a lot of effort, but it’s so worth it.

Often times, the things that have been keeping you motivated are no longer working. You’ve grown used to the same old things and need something new to stimulate you. A good tip is to switch up the things you use to keep yourself motivated. Don’t let them get mundane and boring.

By switching things up, sort of rotating them, you don’t get burned out on the same old motivational techniques. It keeps them fresh and you’ll stay more responsive to them.

Let’s say you love a certain food. You’ve even made claims that you could eat it every day. However, after a few weeks you’d actually grow tired of it. You probably wouldn’t eat it again for awhile. But, after a few weeks you’d start to want it again and it would taste just as good as it did before you were burned out on it.

People need variety, not only in food, but also in the things that stimulate and motivate them. Just think if you listened to the same song, over and over, day in and day out. It would get pretty boring, wouldn’t it?

Here’s a few tips to keep your motivation going:

Use daily affirmations.
These are excellent for helping you get your mindset on in the mornings and keeping you going during the day. You should change them up on a weekly basis though. Make a list of all your favorite affirmations or make up your own, and then rotate them every week or every two weeks.

Practice self talk.
Daily self talk is a great way to get you motivated. It does need to be positive self talk. Too many people practice negative self talk and then wonder why they are so miserable or nothing ever goes their way. Start practicing positive, daily self talk, but also be sure to change it up from time to time.

Get a motivational buddy.
Having a motivational buddy is a great way to keep you perked up and motivated. It’s also likely they will motivate you in different ways every day. So this is a good way to keep things fresh. If your motivational buddy tends to use the same phrase every day, explain to them that you both need to change them up once in awhile.

Another great thing about having a buddy is that when you’re feeling a bit down, a great motivator is to simply motivate someone else. Any time you’re not quite feeling it, go find a great inspirational quote and share it with others on social media. The likes and comments you get from that will start to perk you up.

Look for new motivational strategies.
Stay on top of the motivational game by always looking for new ways to motivate yourself and others. The same old things do get mundane and boring. If you’re constantly on the lookout for other ways, they will definitely start showing up.

Motivation doesn’t last 24/7, it waxes and wanes much like the tides of the ocean. But you can stay on top of it and keep yourself motivated by adding variety to your daily motivation routine. Give it a try.

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