Goals – Setting Rewards For Yourself Frequently Boosts Motivation

This weekend is a reward weekend for me. I get to go watch a baseball competition (tournament) that my nephew is pitching in and I deserve a well earned rest.

Thought I would leave you with this thought for this long weekend in Canada. If you are in the States, then next weekend would be your holiday weekend. You might want to think about rewarding yourself well.

Important Goals Strategy – Reward Yourself Along The Way

Are you enjoying the fruits of your labor? Achieving a goal is not about constant sacrifice alone. At some point in the process, you can (and should) take a breather and reward the progress you have already made.

Let’s talk for a minute about learning how to reward your self throughout the goal setting process.

There is nothing wrong with rewards. They are a pleasant gift for a job well done. The job is not the achievement of the goal, but making it through the milestone steps along the way that make the goal possible.

If people waited until the end of the line to reward themselves, most would probably never make it past the obstacles that can come up.

Let’s think of a marathon runner. During the race, he gets thirsty. There are water stations set up along the course that allow him to fill up with water in order to replenish his strength and finish the marathon.

Waiting until the end of the race to get something to drink is not practical and can be dangerous. It is much the same with your goals program.

Going without the encouragement that rewards can bring during the goal seeking process is not practical. Rewards can be anything that will incline you to strive to reach it, and they do not have to be huge.

All rewards can be chosen ahead of time or as you go along. There’s no set way to compensate yourself.

Ask for help when coming up with rewards. Open the floor up to friends and family members for suggestions. Rewards can be things like spending money, taking a trip, having a celebration, or a few well deserved breaks in the goal process.

Those close to you may come up with some good ones that you yourself never thought of before. So . . . ask them.

Play a game if you will. Write down a variety of rewards on small pieces of paper. Fold each piece in half and place them in a jar or a box.

Everything on the slips of paper needs to be something that will motivate you to reach that reward point. When a milestone is reached, pull a slip of paper out of the jar. That is your reward for that task achievement.

A reward system helps you keep your focus on the goal. When you begin feeling the temptations that make you want to throw in the towel, look at that reward jar and believe that some good thing is on the way with each small step you reach.

Rewards work best when they are realistic. A trip to Paris is a great reward but if you can’t afford to do so, it won’t motivate you to continue working towards the goal.

You won’t believe it’s possible or it is too much reward for the task you have completed. Choose goals and rewards within your realm of possibility, both physically and financially, especially when starting out.

A reward system can work with goals in every area of your life. Just set the rewards in line with the goals. You wouldn’t suggest an ice cream sundae as a reward for losing weight or give yourself a shopping spree for saving money over the past three consecutive months.

Rewards can motivate you so you continue to follow the course of your goals. Without them, you don’t have small triumphs to look forward to along the way and the probability of reaching your goals is lessened. Stay the course.

So, bump up your motivation by rewarding yourself every step of the way. Plan them out and expect to receive them. Go For It!

See you after the weekend . . .

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