Choosing A Mentor

Earlier today I was thinking of my mentors, how they have positively affected my life, and how I came up with such great people to follow…

Here is what I was thinking back then that got me to where I needed to be.

Ask yourself good quality, empowering questions. This comes right at the beginning of that thought process to ensure success.


So, here are a couple of questions that I have used, and that you could ask yourself, that will start you off and get your creative juices flowing.

List all of your answers in short form to start so you can move fast. There are many such ways that you can use. This is just one of them.

If I could have anyone I wanted for a mentor, who would I choose?

If I don’t know them yet, how can I meet him or her?

What would I have to do in order to get them to mentor me. How could I make it a win-win relationship for both of us?

Or, what other ways could I model their efforts and duplicate their successes?

Start brainstorming and write down all the answers that you can think of.

No judgement allowed here. Just write it all down. Avoid negativity at this point. You can check for best answers later.

Then… of course you begin to narrow it down according to your dreams and goals, and take action on your plan.

You will find that when you start getting some real successful people to lead the way for you, you will find that life’s challenges don’t slow you down any more.