Where Has 2017 Gone?


I have been asking myself some hard questions this week as 2017 is just about over. The holidays are near…

Life is a vapor isn’t it? Time flies so fast when you are having fun… I really want to make the last couple of days left in this year count.

After all 2018 is coming and many people including me will be looking for new beginnings.

As I read articles, I try to absorb the meaning behind the words. I mean, I really try to get what the author is passionately writing about.

How about you? After all, these articles were written with us, the readers in mind.

When you study the content of articles, do you ask questions of yourself? Do you read the articles or books with a purpose in mind?

Do you ask yourself how you can assimilate this information and how you can use it to make significant differences or change in your life?

Do you ask yourself how can you get yourself to consistently take the MASSIVE Action necessary to propel yourself towards what you really must have in your life?

Good quality questions bring about better answers. If you don’t like the answer you come up with, then ask a better question that will give you the answer you seek.

If you are already making great progress, then, ask yourself how you can accelerate it at the same level of effort for this new year? I mean how can you get more done without putting more time into it?

Good quality questions bring about the answers you need to overcome your challenges, and help you to fill in the blanks of your goals, plans, even your life. Every year at this time, evaluate where you have been, and where you are going, to see if you are on track for living the very best life you can.

The better quality question we ask ourself, the better quality answer we will come up with! Ask great questions and see the difference! Questions will help us make the necessary distinctions that could exponentially explode our momentum towards our goals.

I just wanted to quickly post this thought before it left my mind. Have a great day and as always go for it! See you next time…

Repetition is always helpful so here is that statement again. 🙂