To What End Are You Headed And How Are You Getting There?

OK. Here we go. I just wanted to post a couple of links to great articles.

They are fairly old but the information is evergreen . . . meaning “always relevant” to personal performance. I thought that you might get something from them as well.

If you have seen these and read them before, then just click away, but if you haven’t the info you’ll find is good stuff!

The decisions you are making now for the rest of your life, are IMPORTANT! Check out this inspiring story over on Brad Isaac’s “Achieve It” Blog, if you haven’t read it yet check it out at Two Old Men. It really drives home how two friends’ life can turn out very differently as they age.

And here’s the other great post over on Mike Hyatt’s “From Where I Sit” Blog. He takes us through his method of Getting Things Done. This man is CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, so there are real tools here for you. He truly walks his talk and when he talks I listen.

Check out his post at My Current Workflow System

Anyway, just wanted to get this out quickly, got to get on to other pressing business . . .  🙂