What Massively Motivates You? Identifying Critical Motivations

Identify your Biggest Motivators and Use Them to Achieve your Goals

How can you use motivation to achieve your goals? Think of motivation as the fuel in your engine. Without it, your goal lays languishing in some distant future, with you unable to reach it.

But just how can you locate your biggest motivators and use them to achieve your goal?

Here are a couple of guidelines on identifying your greatest motivators, and using them effectively to reach that goal, no matter how distant or lofty it may seem. Let’s first look at internal and external motivations.

Internal Motivation vs. External Motivation

What are the biggest most substantial motivators that any individual can locate? Truly successful individuals know that in order to achieve your personal goals, you must sustain yourself with a steady supply of internal motivation.

So what exactly is internal motivation? Internal motivation is directly linked to a vivid desire. Internal motivation is also directly related to the authenticity of your goals. If you are pursuing a goal for the right reasons, you are more likely to be successful.

Success is definitely related to internal motivation.

How will you get through the tough times, the roadblocks, and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles? If you have a deep and abiding passion and desire to achieve something, you will eventually succeed.

So what about external motivation? Are all forms of external motivation misleading or wrong? No, not really. External motivation can also be a valuable part of your goal realization process.

What exactly constitutes external motivation?

External motivation may refer to the motivation you receive from friends, family members, and colleagues. It may also refer to the feeling of satisfaction you get by moving steadily towards your goal.

When you are feeling frustrated and down, getting some kind of external validation can fill you with a renewed sense of vigor and energy. This is when external motivation can be highly valuable.

When is external motivation a bad thing? External motivation can be damaging when it becomes your only source of motivation. Because eventually, this type of motivation will run out, and you will be left with an empty tank.

Only internal motivation can keep you going when times get tough.

Authentic Desires And Motivations

The first thing you should do when setting out to accomplish your goals, is to locate your true internal desires. In this context, desire simply refers to what it is you want to get accomplished.

Before you can get motivated, you need to figure out “why” you are seeking out a specific goal.

What is it you truly want? And . . . Why?

Do you long to go on your dream vacation? Do you want to be able to fit into a swimsuit by summertime? Do you want to be CEO of your company? Do you want to be a multi millionaire with a net worth of 10 million dollars?

Be specific and honest about what your authentic desires truly are.

Don’t be embarrassed or fearful. Simply articulate your desire. Once you figure out what you really want, you will be more likely to locate a steady source of motivation to help you attain it. The WHY is absolutely key to your motivation.

(For ways to motivate yourself, see How To Motivate Yourself To Achieve Your Goals)

Break Up Your Goal Into Smaller Steps

An easy way to keep your motivation up is to break up your larger goal into small, manageable steps. No matter how lofty your goal, it will seem much more accessible if you can compartmentalize it into smaller sections.

Use these short guideposts to keep you motivated along the way to achieving your goal. Every time you effectively accomplish each step, take the time to stop and celebrate it.

This manner of working will help keep you steadily motivated. With each accomplished step, you will gain greater confidence, courage, and knowledge.

You may also want to keep a chart where you can track your progress. Place this chart in your daily work area, where you can see it every day. Seeing your steady progress in a visual format will also help keep you motivated.

Using Creative Visualization to Locate Your Motivation

What can you do to locate motivation in times when it seems to run short? Try using creative visualization.

If you are on a weight loss program and find yourself lacking motivation, implement a program of creative visualization into your daily schedule.

Take fifteen minutes or so each day to imagine what it would be like to lose weight. Perhaps imagine how energetic and healthy you will feel in a slimmer body. Picture you already in that slimmer body. Visualize yourself feeling really comfortable at your new goal weight.

Creative visualization can be a vital force in keeping motivated, no matter what your goal.

Use these and as many other techniques that will work for you to enable you to stay motivated and on the path to your goals and authentic life!

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