Goal Setting Tools – Commitment, Communication And Creation

Doing a quick surf for information this morning before work and really enjoyed this article by Guest Author Sharmen Lane.

Goal Setting can be as simple as 1-2-3 and this article demonstrates that with three easy steps (well, some might not find them so easy), your goals are well within your grasp.

I have always maintained that Commitment is huge when it comes to getting your goals. Because you are commited, when you come across challenges, even big ones, you just overcome them and move on.

You don’t give the challenges or problems a second thought because you have already visualized your goals and they are a ‘done deal’, they are in the bank, you are just paying the price and you will have them. You solve the problem, accept that it happens, and maintain your plan.

Here is the article, I hope you find it useful:

How to Get What You Want by Following Three C’s

Ever wonder why some people seem to get what they want easily and effortlessly? There are some tried and true techniques to getting what you want. This process is what I call the 3 C’s to Success.

#1 Commit. Are you committed to the outcome? What is the desired result that you are looking for?

If you aren’t clear about what you are looking to achieve you certainly aren’t committed to it. Think of a commitment like a legal binding agreement. If you sign on the dotted line and are legally bound, are you likely to back out or not fulfill your end of the agreement?

Probably not. If you take that approach to any goal you are setting you are 90% there. If you are committed to losing weight and sign a contract saying you will weigh ten pounds less than you do now at the end of 60 days, or there will be a $10,000 fine, do you think you will find a way to be ten pounds less?

My guess is yes. Why does there need to be a $10K fine? Simply view your goal as a contract, even if it’s only with yourself. Once you get committed the rest is downhill.

#2 Communicate. People who are committed to reaching their goal, share that goal with others. The tell anyone who will listen. They would shout it from the rooftops and take out a full page ad in the New York Times. Why is that? Because the more people you tell, the more real it becomes.

If you tell one person about your goal and the person next to you tells 100 people, who’s got more at stake? Obviously, the person who told more people has more to lose. So the more ways you communicate (write, read, talk, listen, etc) and the more you communicate it to, the closer you will be to your goal.

#3 Create. Once you have decided that you are truly committed to your goal, and you have written it down and read it out loud, and shared it with others all you have to do now is take action . This is the easiest of the three steps.

It’s easy to do when you are committed and have told everyone you know about what you are working towards. The most important thing is to “do”. Do something that is actively working towards your goal every day. Before you know it, you will have what you want and will have created your dream to make it a reality.

Follow the 3 C’s to Success. It’s a simple tried and true process that will help you reach your desired goal faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

by Sharmen Lane

Through keynote speeches, workshops, training, seminars and self-help products, motivational business speaker and self help guru Sharmen Lane has trained, managed, and coached thousands of individuals and corporations on what it takes to get what they want for their business and personal lives. To learn more, visit http://www.sharspeaks.com


Commitment – The Key to successfully setting and achieving your goals. It always has been and always will be a critical part of anyone’s plan of action. See you next time.


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