Success Character Traits Of Successful People

Do successful people have the genius of supreme achievement by an accident of birth, a favorable environment or from their own individual effort? Whatever the reasons, superstars really are a different breed.

They must succeed and they will succeed. They have an amazing capacity to dream big, strive even bigger and come through against all the odds. They seem to will themselves to do whatever it takes.

Can we learn to become better achievers by looking inside the minds of the big-time peak performers? Successful people do not wait for something to happen; they take action to achieve their goals. Successful people seem to have a “make it happen” way of thinking.

They take it for granted that they will succeed. They act as if it’s a done deal that they will win. They are infectious in their enthusiasm for a project and enlist others easily to make it become a reality. They are bursting with positive expectancy that everything will be a smashing success.

A successful person’s motto is, “I will get it done…” .

Successful people take action. They start acting on an idea or plan quickly and make room in their schedule for tangible, concrete objectives that take them closer to their goals. They spend time reflectively, but take action when action is required.

They don’t waste time over-planning. They get right down to it. Successful people are often not one hundred percent happy with their performances. They are not negative about them, but they are realistic and demanding of themselves and often of those around them.

They continually seek improvement in even the tiniest areas of their performance and regularly raise the bar as each new ability level is surmounted. They hold their best all-time performances as the ideal and seek to rise to that level always.

Successful people typically have developed effective organizational skills. Successful individuals know how to break projects down into manageable sizes. They know that many details placed together in proper order lead to something big.

They spend time planning and keeping records to show progress and to stay on time projections. They are in a hurry to succeed, but never seem to rush.

Successful people are decisive. This is a critical characteristic of all successful people. They gather information and quickly decide to act on it and later make changes based on new information.

They take advantage of those windows of opportunities that arise and go for it. They have confidence that they made the right decision and the confidence that if they do not they can successfully change gear and recover for a positive outcome.

They have disciplined themselves to take action from their proactive first creation. It doesn’t matter how they feel at any given moment. They do not deviate from their chosen course of action.

They have highly developed goals, and they have in front of them always, their detailed written plans for the creation of their Goals and Dreams, and they enjoy scoring themselves at the end of the day. It’s all good.


Successful people make sacrifices to make something happen. They know they often can’t have it all and that they must have singular focus to succeed.

They get good at getting into the zone, the work flow, where they can block out all distractions and rapidly advance past their objectives. They will deny themselves those things that do not contribute to making them successful.

Again, they know how to be self-disciplined and stay on track. Successful people love the battle. They love the process. They love the climb up the ladder.

Many times this is what it is all about for them. They are excited to pursue their goals and they take extreme pleasure in the big challenge, to see what impossible obstacles they can leap on their way to success.

They want stories to tell, bragging rights as part of the success trophy. Achieving is a passion for the successful individual. Meeting objectives and reaching goals is energizing to top achievers.

They can’t wait to get to work and see the results of their efforts. They boost their self-esteem and self-confidence as they finish a project or task that is highly satisfying.

They pour their entire passion into what they love to do and complete it with all their energies and enthusiasm.

Some people look at successful people and think that they could never do what they do. They get discouraged at the gap between what is and what could be.

Other people look to the superstars and are inspired. They use the superstars as a template or benchmark and use them as models for what they would like to achieve. They view them as the best practices and measure themselves against the successful.

Rather than feel discouraged when you see a successful person let it inspire you to be the same! Don’t Wait for Something to Happen.

Take Action and Achieve your Goals starting right now!

If you don’t feel successful today, then act how a successful person would, and practice one of the above traits every day.

Pretty soon your successes will mount up and you will be living the life of your dreams. And . . . you will be tremendously successful in your own right. See you next time.