Highly Successful People Practice Empowering Behaviors


Always-bear-in-mind-thatI was reading a newsletter this morning from Philip Humbert and was struck by the simplicity of real goal achievement.

Here are a couple of excerpts from it. What do you think about what he is saying?

Have you got your success systems in place?

After thirty years of working with highly successful people, one of my most powerful observations is that high achievers know how to balance a few specific goals with powerful systems that govern and regulate their daily behavior.

Highly successful people develop systems and routines that automatically eliminate most of the small, tempting distractions in life. They limit their exposure to advertising, and minimize drama and adrenalin so they can focus on their most important goals.

your-goalHere’s some more truth.

In the long run, your daily systems and habits, your actual behaviors, are far better predictors of your success than your list of goals.

Goals are connected to dreams and desires, but in the long run it’s not what you desire that counts. It’s what you do. Every day. Over and over. Until.

— Philip Humbert
So, I ask you again… Have you got your success systems in place?

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