Goals Not Happening? 5 Tips To Stay On Track.

Stalled out? Can’t seem to rise up and go after your goals. Feeling low energy?

Or . . . maybe you’re just feeling bummed out. Bummed out about not making the progress you think you should be making towards your goals.

What can you do if you’re just feeling bummed out? What can you change to start making progress again?

Here are a few tips that will set you back on track to get a little boost back into your goal setting routine, and motivate you to just keep at it!

1. Write your goals down again and keep them where you can see it. Not stuck in a drawer out of site, but out in the open where you can view it each day.

It’s like bills, if you don’t see it; it’s out of sight and out of mind. If it’s hidden in a drawer, you might as well have not written a thing because it won’t do one bit of good to help you reach a goal.

2. Start with small goals. Don’t try to accomplish the whole goal at one time. In fact you’ll need to take a look at your goal and break it down into parts.

Write down your ideas about the specific short term goals and prioritize. Then take little steps towards your long term goal or goals.

3. Buy some post-it notes and prepare to post your goals. Place these strategically around your home or office.

Along with your posted goals include the positives and negatives about not reaching your end result. It doesn’t have to be long, but short little reminders of the consequences.

It’s a wake up call towards action.

4. Don’t just try to reach your goal once. When your goals are completed, start on new goals.

Make it your routine to start on new goals regularly. You’ll find that once you accomplish your first goal, it will drive you to succeed in further goals, again and again.

5. Enlist the help of others, either to motivate you and inspire more action on your part, or just to be an encouraging friendly ear when you feel yourself grinding to a halt.

If necessary find yourself a reliable life coach to help you when you’re feeling the task is just too much. Often though just a friend is all that’s necessary. You can even work together if you’re on the same type of path or goal.

There’s nothing like achieving a goal that you poured your heart and soul into. It’s exciting to reach it, and when you do, take some time and savor the moment!

It might be a wise idea to reward yourself before you have attained your final destination.

For example, if you’re dieting, and you’re just about to eat the upholstery off the couch, count up the lbs you’ve lost, and eat a small piece of dieters chocolate cake!

Now, take a deep breath and realize that your back on your diet, and can begin counting those lbs again that you’re going to loose.

Don’t become discouraged – you can achieve that final goal of buying a new dress, or even taking a night out on the town for some fun when you’ve reached your final goal.

Just imagine and write down how you’re going to feel and look on that special night when you arrive at your goal. Go for it.

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