Setting A Fire To Successfully Set Your Goal

Most people have a list of goals they have yet to achieve.

The demands of everyday life, negative belief systems, and other obstacles have relegated that list of goals to a desk drawer, only to be brought out at New Years for the requisite resolutions.

Setting goals is about more than just setting the intention by writing them down, though that is a key factor in achieving them.

To be effective, goal setting must also involve passion. When you have a burning desire for your goal, the achievement of it is almost guaranteed.

This may seem elementary to you. Of course you want it! You set the goal, didnt you? But think about it. Would you characterize your ambition to achieve your goals as burning?

Setting goals that really juice you up, that are consuming, ensures you will take all necessary action to achieve them.

Take a moment to imagine the realization of your most treasured dream. This is something you really want, something you have a passion for.

Now ask yourself, would I get up at 4:00 a.m. every day for a year if at the end of the year my dream would be realized?

Would I overcome my fear of flying if when I landed, my dream was waiting for me?

Would I run five miles a day if it meant I could live my dream?

Chances are, you would do almost anything within the confines of the law and your own value system to achieve this dream of all dreams.

That feeling, that all-consuming passion for your goal, is what you need to have for all of your goals.

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It is true that setting goals may be as much about your needs such as improving your health or getting out of debt as they are about experiences you would like to have or fantasies you would like to live out.

Setting goals that seem to have less magic around them can be more difficult to attain than those that may seem impossible, but are exciting.

If you have set goals you know you want to accomplish, but are having trouble acting on, its time to create that burning desire.

Desire is not an automatic experience. You can create it for yourself. In fact, it is a necessary component of the goal setting process.

One of the surest ways to create a burning desire for your goal is to take it off of the paper and experience it.

For example, if you have a goal of traveling through the South of France, you might talk with a travel agent, purchase travel guides, take a French class, or pore over travel brochures.

Or, if you are hoping for a dream wedding, you might try on bridal gowns, visit possible venues, or interview wedding planners.

Creating an irrepressible desire for attaining your goals is an absolutely vital step in the process of setting goals. Real passion helps you breeze through challenges and slide past obstacles.

Desire shifts your perception of what is possible, of what you would be willing and able to do to realize your dreams.

Now you can get started setting goals that are sure to be realized.

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