Self Awareness Can Demonstrate How Much You Are Really Capable Of

Knowing What Youre Capable of Through Self-Awareness

Neale Donald Walsch once said, “Words may help us understand but experience allows you to know.”

This means that you learn more about yourself when you observe how you react with the many experiences you have.

Learning is a process that cannot be done overnight. In fact, it is by gradually going through each and every experience that we learn more about ourselves.

The important thing is that we take in every lesson, keep everything in mind, and apply these to the next time we encounter the same situation.  You have to learn how to listen to your heart because this is a valuable creative resource.

Spiritual leaders always say that you have to listen to what you’re heart tells you because this is an important aspect of emotional healing and clearing. These may be things that we don’t always dwell on.

Nonetheless, this helps us find our true voice and our genuine self. Why is it important to look deeply inside us? These are ways to find out what went wrong in our lives, what we can work on, and how we can change for the better.

If we don’t do this, we will just go through the same kind of mistakes over and over again. Yes, we might have been aware that we have some negative behavior patterns. But we need to find out what caused those negative behaviors and how we can avoid situations that cause us to act unconstructively.

Although we can consider ourselves intelligent and level-headed in many areas, we can also carry a negative self-image. When we are not confident enough in our abilities, we frequently engage in negative self-talk just to hide the fears lurking in the dark recesses of our minds.

We should first and foremost focus on what is inside us before looking outside.  The inner you is the subconscious that holds every memory.

Sometimes, we are just plagued by too many voices. We also need a time of rest and quiet so that our brain can absorb everything it takes in.

To better understand ourselves, we need to practice patience. There’s always room for growth and we must continually strive to improve ourselves so that we get to better know the person we must get most familiar with: us.

If we rush our growth, we fill find ourselves in unfamiliar territory and will just get lost.

How do we achieve that growth?

We first need to get rid of all negativity. Release these emotional attachments and constantly observe our inner dialogue. Know what makes us feel good and shift our attention towards that direction. Let it go and identify what we can have control over.

We don’t need the drama in our lives. This just holds you back. Our parents used to tell us that what we resist persists, and this holds true about our thoughts. If we believe in ourselves and know our worth, we will realize just what we can be capable of.

There are ways to become self-aware, to face the pain, gain the insight and allow growth to happen. Our heart constantly sends messages to our brain.

Listen to your heart and feel the space open to new and novel experiences. This can be your ultimate source of energy, a chance to know your worth and your capabilities more.