Attitude – 9 More Ways To Help You Stay Positive

9 Positive Attitude Tips

Guest Author Fern Kuhn – It is rather simple to separate the positive from the negative. However, it can be quite difficult to stop yourself from running to the negative.

This is simple human nature. It is something we are programmed to do. Do not feel bad about this natural inclination. Instead, choose to do something about it.

Here are some tips for adding some positive influence to your life:

1. Find a happy place. Create a place in your mind that is your ideal paradise. When you feel stressed or down just go to your happy place, relax there and enjoy it.

2. Get a hobby. Doing something you enjoy and that will raise your spirits and allow you to maintain a positive attitude.

3. Exercise. While many people look at exercise in a negative way, it really can bring positive influences to your life. The body’s reaction to exercise is a good one. You will feel better and therefore act better if you adopt an exercise routine.

4. Find affirmations. Affirmations are sayings, verses or other short pieces that have a positive influence. Affirmations can be a quote, a verse from the Bible or even a line from a greeting card.

They are simply something that make you think positive or even just bring a smile to your face. Using an affirmation daily can perk up your attitude in an instant.

5. Explore new things. Instead of walking away from the unknown, walk towards it.

6. Do not walk away from a challenge. Let yourself accept challenges and try creative ways to deal with them.

7. Make a mess. Make messes to learn. Do not get caught up in caring about the mess. Happiness can be messy and unrestricted.

8. Ignore the rules. You can end up having a fun time simply because you are doing something you were specifically told not to do. Defying authority can be an adrenaline rush. Break a few rules now and then.

9. Pretend. The imagination is a wonderful thing. Allow yourself to go to some make believe place. Get away for your normal life and pretend you are someone else. Have fun and you are sure to smile. You can take these tips and build upon them.

You can surely come up with things that have a way of making you happy. You know what makes you smile, so take that and run with it. Allow whatever it is that makes you happy to guide you to your new positive attitude.

by Fern Kuhn

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