Procrastination Buster – Manage Self Talk And Raise Your Expectations

Stop Negative Self TalkHow You Can Stop Procrastinating By Managing Your Self Talk And Raising Your Expectations

Many people believe they cannot change, that they will always procrastinate. Before any change can happen in your life, you have to believe that a transformation is possible.

There comes a time when we must say: “I can change, and I am willing to change.” (See also: Believe That You Can Stop Procrastinating!)

To break free of a life of procrastination and mediocrity, we must guard our minds against the negative thoughts that destroy our expectations of success. Tony Robbins says it pretty plainly: “Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind!” Manage your self talk consistently.

Here is a quiz that will help you identify important areas where you can take concrete action right now to change your attitude and expectations. Answer “yes” if you have ever thought or said the following:

·    I’ve never been a creative person.
·    Stay where you are until you have perfect visibility.
·    Follow the rules.
·    Please be logical!
·    That doesn’t sound like the right answer.
·    Please be practical about this!
·    Avoid making mistakes at all costs.
·    If this doesn’t work, I’ll look like a fool.
·    That’s out of my area of expertise.

Choose one of your “yes” items and reflect on the last time you said or thought it. Did thinking or saying it cause you to procrastinate or give up? Turn them around and state them in a more positive manner.

·    I’ve always been a creative person.
·    I take action even though I don’t have all the answers.
·    I follow the rules, and make some new ones when needed.
·    I like to be adventurous!
·    I’ll find the right answer.
·    I think outside the box!
·    Making mistakes serves me.
·    If this doesn’t work, I’ll try something else.
·    I will expand my area of expertise for what I need.

Our thoughts and words, our self talk, influence the outcome of our efforts-what you say is what you get. You employ the law of attraction and get what you don’t want if you are not careful.

Even a simple quiz like the one above can be a great opportunity to improve your ability to make things happen and get things done. Don’t expect to change your attitude by rushing through all the points at once. Baby steps create permanent change too. Need some extra motivation? See: How To Motivate Yourself To Get Your Goals.

Work on one thing every day until people ask you what happened. When others start to see a change in your attitude, you’ll know that you’re winning the war against procrastination.

Create A Vision For YourselfIt starts in your mind. When you have a total determination to get things done, you tap into unused capabilities you never knew you had-abilities most human beings never use.

When you expect to be successful, you jump at the opportunity to do the very things that used to cause you to procrastinate. For more on mind set, see also:  Stop Procrastinating Now – Set Your Mind To It!.

So, go ahead, raise your expectations. Expect success, accept nothing less, and actively work your plan. You will successfully reduce the habit of procrastination until it does not affect you anymore.

Always remember to beware of the mental blocks that threaten to keep us in a vicious circle of procrastination and defeat.

Today, make up your mind to rise above the level of mediocrity – give yourself a mental whack on the side of the head and move forward. Go for your goals with gusto!

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