Positive Affirmations Can Affect Your Attitude And Beliefs

Using Affirmations To Affect PMA and NMA (Positive And Negative Mental Attitudes)

Another good reason to create positive affirmations for yourself is because it is so simple to do.

As already mentioned in a previous post, that does not mean it is necessarily an easy process to carry out, but it is certainly a simple process to understand.

In positive thinking, your mental attitude is often referred to as a coin. It’s an apt description.

You have two forms of mental attitude: a positive mental attitude (PMA), and a negative mental attitude (NMA). Just like the heads and tails of a coin.

And just like a coin, it can be flipped very easily, but it will never come to rest on its edge. This means there is no third option of a neutral mental attitude.

It is either positive or it is negative. And  . . . you can change to positive with affirmations.

When something is so easy to understand, there is very little reason to simply stare at your coin and leave it lying there with its NMA side upwards. All the joy in life comes from the positive side of the coin.

Whenever you notice that you are feeling negative, or you catch yourself making a negative comment to yourself, make a conscious effort to flip the coin to its PMA side, and counter the negative thought with a positive affirmation.

As wonderfully complex as your mind is, it does not have the capability to focus on more than one thought at any one time. If you are thinking a negative thought, you can instantly dismiss it by bringing a positive thought to mind.

Controlling the Subconscious Mind With Affirmations

This is a useful life-skill, and affirmations can help forge closer links between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

Once you start creating and using your positive affirmations you will begin to see that they do work. Once you have proven your ability to control this part of yourself, your confidence and belief in yourself will expand exponentially.

Your subconscious mind is like the registry of your computer. A computer’s registry is its database that stores configuration settings and options.

Most people have a vague idea it’s there, some may realize what it does, but very few will be able to open it up and start deleting or adjusting any of its keys or values because they won’t know what anything in there means.

Understand that it is possible to adjust your subconscious mind, and positive affirmations are a great way to do this.

It is how you can clear out all the redundant and harmful data your subconscious stores, and allow you to know exactly why you may be behaving in a certain way in a certain situation.

When a computer is behaving oddly or sluggishly, it is often a muddled and messed up registry that’s responsible. Even when you delete a program, there will usually be remnants of it remaining in the registry.

Your aim with positive affirmations is to reprogram your subconscious, and to continue to clear out any negative traces that remain from your previous way of thinking.

Positive affirmations help you become more in tune with how your subconscious operates, and why you may respond poorly in certain circumstances.

The more you program your mind positively, the more easily you will recognize negative activity and be able to jump on it and delete it before it can affect your attitude.

Equally, you will find that you are far more tuned into the whisperings of your subconscious mind and that often bring answers to difficult dilemmas in your life.

More on how and why to use positive affirmations coming . . .