Start To Lose Weight Eating Low Carb Just Two Days A Week

Consciously Diet Less And Lose More Weight!

Part time low carb dieting can work when you begin a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes it is just easier to ease into healthy habits slowly.

After all, some of us have been eating the same way for many years.

The key here is to eat only low-carb or paleo meals of real foods for just 2 days a week. Start consuming whole foods instead of processed products.

Start with that… I picked Mondays and Thursdays when I first started. There is definitive science backing this up too…

You can take baby steps and ease into healthy eating. Consuming only healthy low carb foods on these two days will actually start to carry over to the other days as well.

You will find that you do less snacking on these days as well as you begin to think “healthier”. Your new voluntary healthy choices cause momentum for you to eat healthier on the other five days too… A very good thing.

You pick the days you want, and they don’t have to be consecutive. Just get started…