Lose Weight By Walking Daily

rp_run-300x207.jpgEveryone seems to be on the losing weight bandwagon. Me included. I’ve done my walking for the day today.

Set your goal. Make your plan. Commit to the task. You Win!

All you have to do is burn more calories than you eat or drink to lose weight. Once you research how you want to lose weight through your daily eating plan, get to moving.

This means 25-30 minutes of activity four or five days a week. It can be running on a treadmill, swimming, or even walking to lose weight. Walking is a low impact way to meet the exercise goal.

With a few practical tips it can be even better.

Walking for 25-30 minutes a day is a great start.

Once the walking is established do some other activities to increase your physical output. This can include simple things like raking leaves instead of blowing them, silly things like playing tag with your children, as well as other every day habits such as parking in the furthest space from the store rather than the closest.

Intervals can be added once the walking has been established. Intervals are short bursts of increased activity sprinkled into a normal routine. Start out by running for 30 seconds every 5 minutes of the walk.

Gradually increase this to a one minute run every three minutes, which would work like this. You walk for the first two minutes, then run for the third, then walk the next two minutes, run the next minute, and so on for the duration of 25-30 minutes.

Keep in mind that a run is not a jog, it’s faster, it’s a sprint. So if you have to work up to the run part, then jog at first. After a short period of a walking run, then walk again, then go back to running.

Start out running once or twice in a 30 minute walk, then up it to more.

rp_lose-belly-fat-300x200.jpgWalking to lose weight is healthy, no doubt about it. But it’s also a great way to get around the neighborhood, meet neighbors, and see things you probably never see while driving around everywhere you go.

If it gets boring you can ask a spouse or family member to exercise with you. Make it a family affair, or get the whole neighborhood involved. Whatever it takes to motivate you to walk daily, do it.

Play with your strategy until it fits your personal style. You will lose weight through walking daily as long as you stick to it.

Remember to check with your health practioner before you change any of your daily routines. I’m out there with you. If I can do this anyone can…

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