Goal Setting, Five Keys To Achieve Your Goals

5 Keys to Effective Goal Setting – Successful Entrepreneur Mindset by By Tammy Ames

Setting and achieving goals is where success happens! We often get stuck at the beginning of the process with assessing our situation and setting goals without following through to completion. Setting goals without achieving them equals failure.

Failure can be defined as simply missing the mark, not achieving goals set. If you don’t set any goals for yourself, you could say you have succeeded because you didn’t fail. That said (tongue in cheek!) we are striving animals. Setting and achieving goals is the mainstay of purposeful living. The successful entrepreneur mindset uses goal directed thinking in every aspect of designing and running a business.

Effective goal setting happens when we choose goals that we believe we can truly achieve. We keep those goals ever in front of us, never losing sight of where we want to go in life. The groundwork for effective goal setting starts with these crucial components.

Keys to Effective Goal Setting

#1 Have a Vision – Start with a fully detailed vision for yourself and your business. Without a vivid image of how your business will look in the future, you will not be able to set all of your daily, weekly and monthly goals that will propel your business beyond your imagination into Reality.

#2 Know your Passions – Often the problem with goals isn’t in setting them but being motivated to actually achieve the goals you’ve set up. Think about really gets you fired up. I’m not talking about simply your direct sales company or latest ebook but rather ~ what drives your dreams. Your passions need to be able to get behind your list of goals and fuel the fire that makes you ACT. Goal setting without action is what….simply a diversion from the actual “work” of making things happen.

#3 Be Brutally Honest – Setting goals means being honest with yourself and others. Living a life fully and achieving your goals requires complete honesty. Look deep inside yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t pretend to have skills or talents that simply exist within you. It is a major waste of your time and energy to strive to be someone else. Your vision, passion and gifts that exist within you will carry you toward your goals. As Shakespeare wrote “To thine own self be true.”

#4 Set Goals that are Yours to Achieve – Your goals must be literally “Your Goals.” It doesn’t seem possible for you to be passionate about someone else’s goals. For you to achieve the goals you have set before you, you must believe deep within yourself that the goals are working toward will take your life where you want to go. Don’t take on goals for yourself that were designed by someone else. Look at your life and your vision then set goals that you will walk through fire to achieve.

#5 Live a Life of Action – Remember to spend less time on setting your goals than Acting on them. Stay in Motion. If you have a tendency to get stuck in the “planning” stage of goal setting, then start with setting smaller achievable goals each day that you make a priority to reach before the end of each day. If your goal is three home parties a week then set a goal that is yours to achieve within each day. Can you Make someone book a home party? Of course not, but YOU can take the action (10 calls a day) that means you are taking this goal seriously and investing yourself in the process of reaching that goal.

If it means only setting small achievable goals daily in order to you to Your vision, your passion, your gifts and your daily action are the keys to effective goal setting. Setting goals that you believe in and fueling your dreams with your life passions are all part of the successful entrepreneur mindset. Develop your own successful entrepreneur mindset that You can achieve yourself with planning and action!

Tammy Ames is the owner of ‘Make Money Not Mistakes’ bringing home business learning to striving entrepreneurs.

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