Do You Believe You Can Reach Your Goals? I Can, I Can, I Can…

I am continuing to struggle with making significant progress on the financial goals that I set earlier this year. Don’t get me wrong I earn a good living and I am increasing my web business, but the major breakthroughs I am looking for just haven’t shown up yet. The goal is to increase the revenues without increasing the time spent earning them.

I have set specific, short, medium, amnd long term financial targets. I am in the process of finding and implementing more passive income streams and set up systems that can then be left with minimal monitoring and efforts. Autopilot revenues. Not impossible, I just haven’t found the way yet. I am adding more websites and products in my web business.

I know that I need to raise my standards and possibly I have some kinks in my belief system somewhere that are working against me. Maybe I need to do a ‘belief’ or a ‘thought’ log and find out for sure? So, do I have the guts to maintain a ‘log’ of my innermost thoughts and beliefs for a few days to uncover what’s really wrong?

Not a blow by blow narration but a summary of each day’s consistent ramblings each evening. Something I could score and measure progress forward? I was reading in my journal and I came across an entry I made, an article that caught my attention at the time and I actually published it in one of my newsletters a while back. It was from a Tony Robbins book.


Goal Exercise: Create Empowering Beliefs This is an excerpt from the book Giant Steps by Tony Robbins. “Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Because of their amazing influence on our lives, we must understand these three challenges. 1. Most of us do not consciously decide what we’re going to believe.

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2. Often our beliefs are based on a misinterpretation of the past. 3. Once we adopt a belief, we tend to consider it gospel and forget that it’s only one perspective Do you have any beliefs you take for granted to be true? What are some contrary beliefs that might also be true? How would your life be different if you adopted the opposite view?” The above quotes were taken from the book, Giant Steps by Tony Robbins.

Take a hard look at the beliefs you have installed. If you have beliefs that disempower you, check to see if they can be changed to serve you. Look at the different ways you can cultivate the flip side, the positive belief instead. You control your thoughts, therefore you can control what you believe.


I think I will. That is, start a log of just how many times I discover ‘disempowering’ beliefs, thoughts, and standards and write them down as I take notice of them. After proper analysis, I can then work on correcting them to uncover productivity areas heretofore not recognized. Al