Are You Living The Life You Want?

Goal Setting is important. Imagine this, you are going through the daily grind in a job every day, answerable to someone else. In fact, you are probably settling for a life that is way less enjoyable than you thought you would have…

You find yourself joining the bandwagon, going with the flow, and feeling that somehow, deep down inside, you’re not exactly enjoying the moment, you are not getting to the juice of your life. Joy continues to elude you.

Does this sound familiar? Does this sound like your daily grind? Maybe, just maybe there is some way you can get yourself out from this rut. No one is forcing you to be where you are right now.

In point of fact, you are truly the master of your own destiny, the person answerable for everything. You are responsible even though you might not believe it.

Do you really want to see yourself 20 years from now living your life with regrets? . . . Not!

You must realize that every life is distinctive, even yours, no matter how simple you may think it is. No matter how mundane things seem or become, there are just some aspects in your life that are uniquely yours.

You need to know something. Ask yourself this question. What is most important to you in your life right now?

What matters most to you will soon get forgotten, and will never be played out on your stage of life, unless you do something about it. Best start right now if you haven’t already.

Believe me when I say that you can get distracted by work, bills to pay, economic crisis, pressing problems, and just basically an array of activities that takes up most of our day’s time. All of us can get caught up if we are not diligently focused on our goals most of the time.

If you are not actively planning and working towards your set of goals, you will just get carried along the river of life, floating wherever the water or wind take you. You have no real goals or plan of action and therefore no proactive direction.

Set goals that are important to you. You need to design and follow a system wherein you make a list of things you want to do. As dramatic as this sounds, it does help a lot to have an actual representation of all your life’s goals.

Set up a vision board. Or . . . set up a goals workbook with pictures and reminders of your most important goals in it. Read it daily at the very least.

Even a simple to do list can change everything. Make a goals list, read it on a daily basis and then attend to it, even if it’s only for a fraction of your day.

Successful people with successful lives know what they want and think often about how they are going to get it. They take the actions necessary to joyfully live the way they want to. They set their own rules.

Find your own path to get you to your dreams and to fulfill your destiny. Go back to the list that you made and start visualizing the numbers being crossed out as you joyfully take your life back.

It’s now time to begin a new journey, one that you have written and organized for yourself.

Take your list of priorities and tick off what has been done. Seeing that you have accomplished something greatly helps in making you feel lighter. Moreover, the list will jog your memory and tell you that you are still in control of your life.

If you are still bothered by the number of things that you haven’t done yet, scheduling them into your days will make you feel better. Action always trumps inaction, and your successful life journey will speak for itself.

So, set your goals, make your plans, organize your resources, and LIVE!

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