7 Ways To Keep Your Goals Alive Even When There Are Problems

what-is-your-problemYesterday was a great day and today is turning out to be as good, just different.

I’ve been working hard on my goals. I don’t expect to have problems. I mostly expect the best case scenario to prevail, but I always prepare what I will do in advance if problems show up.

Being prepared ahead I am better able to take them in stride and still move forward toward what I want to happen.

Do you plan what you will do in advance when problems present themselves in your goal path?
Problems are present in everyone’s daily life. Sometimes life seems to be filled with a neverending supply of challenges, especially when we have decided to go after some lofty goal. LOL!

They just creep up everywhere in every area of our life. You have problems. I have problems. Everyone has them from time to time in varying degrees.

We all experience problems at work, home, with relationships, society, etc.

Could we look at problems in a more positive way and overcome them quickly? We can, so therefore let’s accept challenges as being one of those inevitable things in life, and move forward to use them to our advantage.

Whenever you encounter problems in the future, acknowledge them, and immediately swing your focus to solution. They just may turn out to be the best learning events in your life. Problems are always solvable with time and pressure.

Here are 7 easy ways to overcome perceived obstacles to your goals and get right back on track:

1. Own the problem – Accept responsibility for the problem whatever it is. People tend to generally blame others when they are faced with problems and they will never go away with this approach.

Don’t blame anyone else, or any other circumstance for your problem, because as true as it may seem, you will give away your power to solve it by doing so.

When you own the problem, you take up the issue and start to work for a solution with your personal best interests at heart. This is the first sign of progress towards a positive solution.

2. Define the problem – You have to define a problem in order to understand the exact issue. Analyze it to understand it well. Seek the real issue here.

3. Ask the right questions – what is the problem, how did it start, how bad is the effect, etc. When you look into the problem rather than at the problem, you get to the core of the problem.

Getting at the root cause can eradicate the problem long term. So define and look for ways to eradicate the root cause of your difficulty.

4. Analyze the ‘ifs’ and ‘but’s – Ask more questions such as: ‘what if the problem is not solved immediately? What is the worst outcome?

‘But, if not solved, how long could you go on with this problem?’ etc. Be prepared to face risks and proceed ready to accept the worst, but always expect the best case scenario to happen once you begin.

5. List possible solutions – When you are calm look around for possible solutions. Make a list of all possible answers. Again brainstorm all the solutions you can think of. Examine and evaluate all possible solutions. You will be surprised at the possible answers you have at hand for your problem, your brain is a powerful goal-seeking tool.

6. Select the best solution – After examining and evaluating and brainstorming, you would be able choose the best possible solution. Once you decide on a particular solution, act on it immediately.

7. Focus only on the end results – Focus only on what you desire to achieve. According to the law of universe, your thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions will create your reality.

So remember, whenever you have a problem – own it, define it, analyze the ‘if’s and ‘but’s, list your solutions, brainstorm and select the best one, act on it immediately and focus on positive results. Whoooo. That was a mouthful… long sentence left me breathless. 🙂

Yes, It is that simple! Cut the negative emotions out of the mix and you will prevail. See you next time.