Written Goals. Positive Self Talk. Belief In Self. Three Critically Important Musts In Goal Achievement

Do you ever wonder what the difference was between the times you hit your goal and those times when you did not hit your goal? It could be you were missing one of these three critically important factors.

Did you take the time for proper goal setting? Did you think about overcoming your obstacles and eliminate or at least reduce your negative self talk? Did you really believe that you could make it happen, that your goal would become a reality? I mean, believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were going to do it?

Did you write your goals down? Did you watch your self talk to keep yourself positive about your outcomes? Did you really believe you could achieve your goal? Check out this great article I read earlier and wanted to share with you.

Do You Know What You Really Want and Do You Believe You Can Have It?

When you walk into a dark room, you simply reach across, press the light switch and the darkness disappears. Do you need to attend a motivational talk to inspire you to press the light switch, or do you procrastinate and contemplate the task, before you actually press the switch?

No, you just press the light switch. I know this is a simplistic example, but what it illustrates, is the principal that, if you believe with absolute certainty that any activity will result in the outcome you desire. You will carry out any task, without the need for any external motivation and you will most certainly never procrastinate before carrying out that activity ever again.

Get clarity about what you want, invest the time to acquire all the knowledge and skills you need, to be absolutely certain that you can achieve it. Once you have this deep rooted belief in your ability to succeed. Carrying out the daily activities necessary to achieve that goal will become almost effortless.

Believe in yourself, know with certainty that you are on the right path and that the goal specific activities you are carrying out every day, is steadily moving you along the path of success and nothing will be able to stop you from succeeding.

Using the light switch example again: If you walked into the room and pressed the switch and for some reason the light never came on. The Bulb was fused, or the power was off or the circuit breaker had tripped. Would you never press the light switch again, because you had encountered a challenge and it never worked that one time?

The same is true about the actions you take every day as you move towards the success you desire. There will be times that you take a specific action and some external factor may have changed and that action does not result in the outcome you wanted. That is no reason to stop believing in yourself and to stop taking action.

It is simply an opportunity to look around for the cause, does it mean you need a little more education or do you need a few new skills, maybe you need to slow down or speed up a little, are you getting enough rest, exercise or proper nutrition? Find the tripped circuit breaker, damaged light bulb or disconnected power supply in your life.

Fix whatever is wrong and move forward. Experiencing challenges on your path toward the success you desire is never a reason to stop believing in your ability to succeed. It is simply an opportunity to explore and find out why things are not working like they should be.

Circuit breakers trip, light bulbs blow and the power sometimes gets interrupted. That does not mean you must stop pressing the light switch, when you walk into a dark room, it simply means, that you need to find out why it is not working. Fix it, and when you press the switch in the future, the light will come on.

The same is true for your life and business. Things are going to go wrong, challenges will come your way and things will not always work out the way you want them to. Simply explore, find what is wrong or not working, then press on, keep taking action and your activities will once again start deliver the results or outcomes you want.

Stop harping on your flaws and any temporary failures you may experience. This negative self-talk is extremely destructive and does not serve you at all. Simply identify what is wrong, build a plan to fix it and move on. When the light switch does not work, when you walk into the dark room? Do you go into a tirade of self-incrimination about, why the bulb blew, do you berate yourself for hours before changing the bulb.

No you search for, and discover the challenge, do the repair and enjoy the benefit of the light. If you could learn to apply the same simple process in your life and business, every time you encounter a challenge, setback or a roadblock. You would very quickly overcome any of them and almost immediately, get back on track.

Instead of berating yourself and constantly reminding yourself about your flaws, rather learn to celebrate your successes and achievements. Constantly look at your skill and ability. Look at all the things you are doing today, which you were unable to do a week, month or year ago. Celebrate your progress and use this progress to help keep you inspired. Give yourself regular feedback and reinforce your new positive behaviours as often as possible. Don’t wait for an award, promotion, a friend or mentor to appreciate your progress. Take pride in and reward your own efforts daily. You are most certainly doing a whole lot more right every day, than you are doing wrong. Keep up your consistent positive efforts and you will eventually succeed and achieve anything you put your mind towards achieving.

By Andrew Horton

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