Time Management And Productivity Keys, Deadlines And Priorities

Time Management Tips – Deadlines And Priorities

These are two of the most important things to plan when setting your goals.

Setting Deadlines and Priorities enable you to achieve greater productivity, and vastly improves your clarity.

You wouldn’t believe how many people miss this. Or . . . maybe you would. GRINS.

Whether you are trying to achieve a personal or work related goal, you will need to make a few tough decisions.

First, decide the beginning and finishing dates for each goal. In that time frame, you need to allow yourself planning and time management.

Always take into consideration the end result and the time it will take you to achieve it.

If it’s a large, long term project, plan accordingly. Set certain times to accomplish different portions or milestones of your goal.

This will help you figure out how much more committed time is needed.

Second, when there are several projects you need to get done, write them down and prioritize which ones are the most important, which ones need to be done first, so your plan runs smoothly to completion.

Stick to the plan and try not to fall back into old habits that didn’t work for you previously.

Do the most complicated or hardest ones first when you have the most energy. You will find that as the days go on, the smaller targets seem to complete faster because the jobs may seem easier.

So, watch carefully these two very important things that will determine how well your goal setting program progresses:

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Prioritize and Set Deadlines for yourself.

See you next time.